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The snow was the only thing that held them apart, cold snow and distance. She sat in it, delighting in its ways as a child delights in a red fire engine given by magi amongst carolers and egg-nog. This was a beautiful place, she thought. It looked as if angels had taken off their wings and laid them down on the hills. The saints must have blown their icy breath across the pond and turned it into a looking-glass for her and her alone. Her blanket eyed gaze drifted to him, standing under a tree in a large overcoat designed to keep so much more out than the winter air.
His sullen face reflected on the snow, on its pureness. He contemplated whether there were more drifting flakes about him, or whether there were more sands in a multitude of beaches. His thoughts then drifted to the small, frail child sitting at his feet amidst a private paradise of white. She made him so happy and so scared at the same time. How was he to tell her? Was he actually expected to drive a crane through her Barbie doll world yet again? Could his daughter not keep some scrap of her childhood to keep her warm on the cold nights ahead? He looked away, across the barren and chilly landscape. 'When angels fall from all good, they must end up somewhere like this' he thought to himself, as he pushed his glasses oh-so- delicately up the bridge of his nose and right against his eyes. He always did this when he had nothing else to say or do but stand.
"Gabby." he stammered, in a voice not suited to his 6'3'' frame. She had been watching his actions, carefully reading them. Her long eyelashes reminded him of palm fronds in the somewhere warm. 'God, she looks just like her mother' he thought.
"Hmm?" her lips parted a bit.
"The sun's beginning to set," and he pointed a bony finger towards the west. "It's going to get real cold in a minute. Come on, let's go inside."
"Okay," she smiled, rose, and put her delicate little hand in his. "But wait, what about Judea and Ruth and Lazarus?"
"Who?" her father looked down through his glasses in surprise. She smiled, and pointed to three globs of snow, looking more like anthills than humans.
"Gabrielle, we can't take them inside with us. They'll melt all over the floor and then I'll have to clean it up. it would be a huge mess, and anyway, you can make more tomorrow."
"Make more? Just make more!" Gabby exclaimed, a grimace crossing over her angelic features. "But daddy, they're my friends. what will happen to them if I just leave them here?"
"I don't know. They'll probably be here tomorrow." he said, and with that he scooped her up in his arms and trudged to the house. Gabby screamed and kicked all the way, her tear-filled pleas not reaching her fathers ears. She couldn't help feeling a great loss at leaving the snowmen that had played with her all day, in her childlike mind she had betrayed their trust.

That night, Gabby snuggled under Winnie the Pooh covers and waited for her father to come tuck her in. Her thick gold hair massed on the pillow in perfect ringlets, looking like a halo.
"Daddy!" she shouted. He instinctively rose out of his chair and padded down the hallway. The bed made a strange, uncomfortable creaking noise as he sat down on it. He tucked the covers tight around her body and leaned down towards her. His lips barely brushed her forehead, as if with any more pressure she would shatter entirely.
"When's momma coming home from her vacation at the beach?" she queried as she looked into eyes that reflected the same brown as her own.
He felt his body do it. His heart constricted and he found it difficult to draw the next breath. Suddenly, his hands began to fidget and he stared out into the cold wilderness. 'She's so warm,' he thought, 'and so young. What if I destroy her feelings? What if she never loves again? How do you tell a child that her mother grew tired of her cold life, and moved on to warmer climates with a new boyfriend?. and left you all alone, my sweet Gabby, with someone that doesn't deserve to touch the hem of your clothing. With someone like me.'
He could see Gabrielle's mother in the doorway on the day that she had left. She had been in a Free Tibet t-shit, jeans, and cowboy boots. Her hair flew wild and untamed over her shoulders and she carried nothing but a copy of the book The Ten Main Reasons Women Screw up Their Lives. He could hear her voice.
"Andrew, this is it. I can't stand the anger and the hate any longer. You're too controlling. Everything I do isn't good enough for you." she sighed and started out the door in exasperation. "I'm going. I don't want to be followed. I've met a man that loves me for me and we're leaving, we're going somewhere that isn't so damn cold all the time. Please, Jeff, don't screw up Gabrielle the same way you've screwed up your own pathetic life. I know she's half you and it's halfway inevitable, but try to let her be half me too. maybe then she'll have a chance." He chased her red pickup truck all the way to the main road.
Jeff was brought back to reality by a small hand tugging on the front of his shirt. "Daddy, Momma is coming back, isn't she?" her eyes were so earnest.
He couldn't do it, at least not right then. "Soon." He stammered, after a long pause. "She didn't tell me exactly when, but soon." Then he thought, 'she's not ready yet. I'm not ready yet. A few more months and we'll both be ready."
But that night, Andrew couldn't sleep. He got up and skidded across the ice floor to the large window in his bedroom. His thoughts reached out across the bleakness and echoed a truth in his mind. 'I don't really blame her for leaving. If I could of, I would have left her behind with Gabby and gone myself.' His eyes alighted on three cone shaped objects out under the tree in the front yard. Ten minutes passed on the grandfather clock as he gazed out across the snow at them. Then, his feet carried him to the pegs in the hallway. He grabbed his jacket.

Gabby yawned and stretched her little arms, waking up from a sleep that seemed to last six seconds. She rubbed her eyes and reached for her stars and moons bathrobe. A smell came wafting through the kitchen towards her nose, and she could hear the crackle of bacon in a skillet. She floated through the rooms of her old drafty house towards the kitchen.
"Oh, Gabby, you're up." Her dad exclaimed, behind a copious amount of pancake batter. "Would you mind running down into the basement and getting some more bacon out of the deep-freeze? I'm pretty hungry this morning." Nodding, she padded down the steps while holding tight to the railing. For some reason, the stairs were sticky and cold against her bare feet. Grasping the handle of the deep-freeze, she gave it one monstrous tug and reached inside for the bacon. She let out a little gasp, and then a huge smile came over her perfect features.
There, sitting in perfect formation in the bottom of the freezer, were three snowmen, one wearing glasses way up on what appeared to be the bridge of it's nose.