I go to Ponce de Leon high school in PDL, Florida. Our school is sports obsessed, mainly with basketball. Every year, almost every school in the U.S. has a thing called "homecoming" where they celebrate their team, their school, and their spirit.

During homecoming week our school designates dress-up days. Monday will be something like camouflage day, Tuesday, pajama day, and so on, but Fridays are always red and white day (the school colors) and on Friday, the entire school gathers together for the homecoming skits. Each grade and school club is allowed a certain amount of time to show their school spirit and entertain the masses.

Before the actual homecoming week, each grade voted for one girl and one boy to represent them. The chosen boy and girl are dressed in their finest ball gowns and tuxedos as they walk during the last half of the homecoming skits and one girl and one boy out of all the pairs are chosen as homecoming King and Queen.

Now, normally, these two are the most popular boys and girls in the grade, and they are most likely the cutest couple with the most money, and the most beautiful gowns, and handsomest tuxedos. So on the designated day of voting, every person in a grade was given a sheet of paper with the names of all the students who are on their grade level on it. The pupils in the grade are told to circle the name of one boy and one girl out of that list that they want to represent them at homecoming.

The day of the junior homecoming voting was the Wednesday before Christmas Break. I walked into the giant cafeteria/auditorium and snatched a paper off of the stack in front of the pudgy teacher. Unslinging my pack from one of my shoulders, I pulled it around and searched for a pencil. I decided to be evil, and I circled the name of the smartest and also the most unpopular boy, along with the name of the girl who is the dumbest, and most popular. I snickered and tossed my paper onto the stack and made my way back to class.

Sitting down I propped my feet onto the book basket underneath the seat in front of me and pulled out the book I was currently into, and watched passively as the other students trickled in to class. The teacher conversed with the students. As she asked a certain girl that I dislike very much "Who did you vote for, Sam?" The girl giggled obscenely and caused me to wince, as her friends joined in and she replied, "I voted for Tony and JESSICA!" she laughed and pointed mockingly at me. Tony is one of those gamer freaks who loves anime; of course you know the type. He is an acquaintance of mine; we share Invader Zim information once in a while. So I knew who she was talking about as I froze up in shock. I gawked and stared as all of her friends laughed as well and explained that everyone voted for us. Sam happens to be friends with a lot of people in the junior class, and as I realized this, my jaw dropped and the book I was holding fell to the desk. One of her friends spewed laughter as she pointed to my expression and exclaimed, "Oh God! Look at her FACE!" Oh how they laughed. I tried to smile, but I was feeling sick inside and my mind had stopped working. I sat up, and properly marked the page I was on before putting my head in my hands and tried to ignore the laughing. The bell to go to 3rd period was about to ring so I got my things together and prepared to take my semester test in American History.

I sat down once again, and as the test was passed out, the sickness left my stomach and I concentrated on remembering facts and dates and names. When I was halfway through the test, the junior sponsor-a teacher who handles all aspects of the grade-knocked on the room's door and called out a list of names of students he needed to see. My name was on the list, along with some of the most popular girls and boys of the grade. I knew what he wanted to see us about. He wanted to see us one at a time; I got called first so I walked shakily out the door to hear what he had to say. He told me that I had tied in the voting with the most popular girl in the school- Misti. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I told him yes, I was.

Last year, our entire grade decided to be strange and voted for the smartest, most unpopular boy for homecoming. The boy won in a landslide, as everyone wanted him to do it. His name is Dustin, he's a very shy and introverted person, so when he was asked if he really wanted to be the homecoming contestant, he told the sponsor no, he refused to be in the contest. Our class had to vote again and almost everyone was sad/angry that he had turned it down. They all wanted him to be in it, they all wanted to be different and strange this year. They all wanted to PROVE that homecoming was not a popularity contest. Based on last year's incident, I decided that I didn't want to deal with their disappointed sighs and groans. I said I would do it.

We voted again. It was between myself and Misti, and perhaps 5 other boys who had tied in the votes as well. Tony, the boy everyone wanted to run with me, declined, just as Dustin had, and he had to put up with the groans and disgruntled students pestering him about why he didn't do it. I grabbed a slip of paper and a pen off of the desk, circled my name, and the name of the first boy on the other list, I didn't really care who I walked with. My hand shook badly as I dropped the paper on the desk. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe, and when I got to my next class, the students came pouring in exclaiming how "I voted for yoooo!" Based on the amount of people who told me this, I was sure that I had won. I already knew I was the winner when our sponsor called Misti and I into the back room and told us both that I had was going to compete. I laughed nervously and shook her hand good-naturedly with my sweat covered palms itching to return to my pockets.

The juniors of Ponce de Leon High School decided to be strange again this year and vote for the most unpopular and strangest girl they could think of and try to pair her with the most unpopular and strangest boy they could think of. The boy chickened out, and the girl decided to go for it, and break over 50 years of tradition by wearing pants and a t-shirt to the homecoming King and Queen Competition.