How I would LIKE it to go:

I can hear the cheering through the open windows of our gym. I'm holding a white bag with one of my mother's dresses in it, to make it seem as if I really do have a dress. I jump up the steps with a giddy laugh as I plan the terror I am about to unleash, and open one of the giant metal doors, stepping into the stuffy humid air of the gym and the cries of hundreds of people as they watch the current game.

I go into the girl's locker room and sit on one of the cold steel benches as I watch the other participants slipping into their beautiful dresses. I'm laughing inwardly at how stupid I'll look out there compared to them, but on the outside I look as dull as ever, boring, normal keep coming up to me to pat me on the shoulder and say good luck, I thank them with a pretty smile and smooth out my shirt and stamp some of the dirt caked in the bottom of my shoes, as if I'm getting ready to put on my dress.

Everyone wanted to see what it looked like, but I refused to show them, saying they would have to find out with everyone else, the truth of the matter being, I didn't even have one, so the joke's on all of them!

They call us all out there; I throw my dress into one of the shower stalls and get up, straightening my shirt again, and walking behind all the others. They look back at me and whisper to their friends in questioning tones, staring. When we are all lined up, the sponsor of my grade is going down the rows, and comes to me. "Where's your dress?!" He asks, and I stare at him with a superior smirk and say, "I don't have one!" crossing my arms I look straight ahead and ignore his sputtering. They've gone through almost everyone before me, only one couple left. As I walk to link hands with the other boy in my grade, he stares at me as well, and chuckles good- naturedly. We walk out, and then..

Pure silence..

Everyone is shocked, some stare, some shake their heads and whisper to their neighbors, and as the two girls read from the information on the sheets, they tell the names of my so called "partner's" parents, and tell his interests and his plans for the future. They come to my name and begin to read the information, "Jessica "Lowtax" Paoletti is the daughter of Emily "Integral" Reigel and Fragmaster Paoletti. She enjoys reading pregnant furry porn. Her favorite song is "Immortal Corruptor" by GWAR, and she plans on going to Mars after she graduates High School."

One group of students cheers at the information, it was demanded of me, by Tony himself, that I put these things on my information sheet, and as I have decided to do him this favor, he is extremely pleased, along with all his GWAR- and furry porn-loving friends. I burst out laughing, and clutch my stomach as the joyous pain is too much to handle.

We come to our designated spot and stand properly, waiting for the press to run out on the slickly waxed floors to take our pictures, and I put on the biggest smile. I feel grand! I've just put this small hick town in their places according to me! They suck, and they're not worth my time! And finally everyone knows it!

This my friends, is how I would LOVE for it to , this is not how it's going to happen, I know it, I'm sure of it, because for one, I've gotten myself a .that's right, I've chickened out, and I'm going to wear an expensive gown just like everyone some levels, I feel like I'm stupid for caring that I'll get in trouble, I'm stupid for going along with everyone , on another level, I'm just happy to be able to dress up for once, to be able to show people how beautiful I really am, and how I'm sure as hell not the shy quiet loner that everyone knows.

I'm compromising.I'm going to at least TRY to put that information that Tony wanted me to say on the won't take them I know, they'll think I'm joking and give me another , hey, I'm gonna try it right?

Stay tuned for Part Three, I'll put up what really happens whenever I figure out when Homecoming is. Thanks for the reviews! I love you all! *bows and waves like the queen of France in a parade* you like me! You really like me!

I know, but hey! Whatever works right?! hehehe