At Life I Ponder

-Your Life and The Light Ahead-

Have you ever felt like spreading your hands out wide, pretending to be a bird flying off to meet the world? I bet each and everyone of you have. When things are rough, don't you always wish that you could be someone else, just to get away from it all? Maybe to even be that smart, straight A's student who seemed to have everything right going on in her life. Or maybe you even wish you were Mandy Moore, just because she had everything going on in her life the way she want it to be, not to mention too, a great boyfriend and a great career with lots of money and a happy family. something you had always wished for. All around you, people seemed to be living their life just the way they like it while for you, it was a choice of no choice. It wasn't you who asked for this kind of family, you were already a part of it. It wasn't you who asked to be this way, you were already born and made this way. It wasn't you who asked to be given this kind of life, it was already there and you were supposed to just grasp and accept it. It wasn't you, especially, who asked to live your life all messed up, it just happened to be that way.

I know, at times, you question God. You question on why your life always have to be a big, jumbled mess when everybody around you are living happily ever after, you question your purpose of living, you question why you were even born into this world. You question this, you question that, and yet, you found no answer. Believe me, prayers do work with time. You know He listens. And that He is always, always there, through the good times and the bad ones. Your prayers are heard, always remember that.

Tell me, do you question your purpose on being here on this earth? Is there any meaning to even be here if all that you have feel is only pain? That you being here, isn't even going to change anything? Well, every human made by Him has their own purpose on why they are here. You aren't made for nothing. You were given the greatest gift by Him: life. It may not seem so good at this moment, but it will get better. Have faith in yourself, in Him, and in your own life. All that He asks of you is to walk by faith and not by sight. A journey through life is never easy, obstacles are always there, bumpy roads needs to be passed, decisions need to made, but in the end, the light of happiness will be reached by you. You just have to hang in there, and fight all that with courage and determination of a new day ahead of you, that will bring you all the joy and happiness you deserved...

Realize this: nothing is perfect. So you see, that classmate of yours may be a straight A-student, wearing all the best clothes, looking all perfect. but look closely, is she really happy? Maybe she's pressured by her parents to get good grades, or she's a social leper or even a very bigheaded person. would you say she's perfect now? If her life isn't a mess at this time, there will come a time when it'll jumbled up and she will have to be brave and stand up on her own to find true happiness, after all, nothing is perfect isn't it? Not now, not ever. It's just how you live your life and how much you've learn in your journey in life that actually makes it near to perfection. Never think that that light of happiness is too far to be reached. If there's a will, there's always a way. Life may be unfair, but not Him. Always have the courage to stand up once again if you ever fall and walk on again, with every step, the light is nearer to be reached. Walk by faith, and not by sight.

Just remember: Someday you will see the light. ;)