Seeing Beyond

Seeing beyond is an alarming flair,
I'm afraid to know what isn't yet there,
My hands seem tied with bonds so tight,
I can't reach out to anything tonight,
I fear I've been standing here too long,
Ashamed of the things done all along,
The words they say make no sense to me,
They are fearful of what I might be,
A witch, they said, is not welcome here,
But you believed in each gift and fear,
It seems as though I'm losing control,
Running out of faith, and hands to hold,
Just let me know that it's not a crime,
To perceive the things beyond my time.

What is the reason for fear?
The blinding pain will come and sear
My cold, white skin to make it bleed,
A life within me waiting to be freed,
Seeing beyond the darkened truths,
To hear your voice that calms and soothes,
To touch your hand that will not shiver,
Although they said curses I'd deliver,
I admire you holding up to their lies,
You see the torment and hate in their eyes,
Through their damnation and their talk,
They wanted me in a prison that they could lock,
But I have done nothing deemed wrong,
You know that they know, but they think of none.

Grasping the edge of a faulty life,
Trying my best to survive my strife,
But with you here I fear no more,
Beside me you stand like none before,
Seeing beyond the sadness and spite,
Pushing ourselves towards the light,
Being quiet, while blazing like a fire,
They called you a cheater and a liar,
But you are nought but one good soul,
In the midst of those that have lost control,
Chasing the dreams inside my mind,
Wondering in thought what I might find,
Holding the hope, releasing the dread,
Not leaving myself behind instead.

Running hands through the clear water,
You and I standing together,
Believing in nothing but what is good,
It's worth dying to save what we should,
Washing the filth they tried to put in,
Opening arms wide to welcome within,
I guess seeing beyond is what I do,
Having thoughts of false and true,
Calmed by knowing that this is right,
And for it we are prepared to fight,
It is not important to be the best,
And stand the highest above the rest,
Hold on in your heart, and never let go,
It's easier to say, but harder to show.

Seeing beyond the broken promises,
Smiling at all the granted wishes,
After the long battle, we've won the war,
Seeing beyond whatever they saw.

Seeing beyond a foe,
While longing a friend,
Living beyond tomorrow,
And staying till the very end.