"Where are we going?" I asked taking the tank and tugging it over my head, letting him lace up the back, not to tightly, but still skin tight, before sliding out of the bed to tug on the black leather pants.

"Out, It's a surprise." He said smiling wickedly, his white fangs gleaming. I couldn't help but looking at myself in the mirror as I laughed, looking at my own fangs, it was odd. I had known, I guess, that I would look like this, that I already had, the second he changed me, but still, it was an odd thrill to see them there. To feel the air fill my lungs when I inhaled pointlessly, to know I didn't need that air, it was a unique sensation. Nemian ran a brush through my long, now nearly black, dark brown-red hair. It was oddly glossy, I had noticed when I changed, but it was still weird to see, I started to pull it up but he stopped me,

"Your so beautiful like that Cat, don't." He whispered in my ear, and even though I hardly ever left my long hair down, I did. Nemian just had that sway on me. One not even magic could have given him, this was only the power he had always had over me. I would have given myself to only him, even in life, when I treated boys like objects, even then, I would have let him have me. But he didn't know this.

The place Nemian took me was a club, of sorts. He grabbed me hand in the way, we had once just flashed form one place to another, as a mortal, that's how I had seen it. When he did it with me, like we had just been one place then jumped through time and space to the next, I now saw it for what it was. It was like moving, like anyone else moves, running, flying maybe it was flying, I still can't place what it is, or how I do it, but it doesn't feel fast, however it is, very fast.

It looked like a church, complete with a sign outside and a cross, The Gothic Church Of Christ. It read. As if to mock god, as if the vampires were telling a god, which I know fully believed existed. That they had surpassed him and his ideals, that they would never go, to hell nor to heaven, they would be here forever, until the end of the earth, and it was then that I wondered for the first time, what would happen. At the end of the Earth what would become of me, of Nemian? Would we die, was it possible for us to die in some way? I knew that it wasn't possible for us to die in a mortal way, just as I knew the Adrianna still somehow existed. Though her blood had been drained and her body destroyed, she was out there, like a ghost perhaps, drifting through us right now.

Nemian pulled upon the giant doors, revealing what was most certainly not a church. Two black walls two white, a black ceiling covered in red and gold chandeliers, a white glass floor that never seemed to get dirty, or break, lit underneath with red and white lights, pure white, not that ugly yellow light. It was gorgeous. There was a dance floor filled with wriggling bodies, a DJ playing music, a bar, and some tables where people sat under the dimly lit chandeliers talking laughing and drinking. But the thing that struck me the most.

"Vampires." I said, "All of them." Nemian nodded,

"Every last one. No mortals, not even victims here, except maybe the ones under the bar, they drain them slowly, to use in the drinks." I shivered that seemed evil, yet it somehow made whatever the drinks were a whole lot more enticing.

As we walked past the tables some turned their heads to look at us, I gripped Nemians arm,

"Its OK" he promised, "They sense new blood, they're curious, that's all." I tried not to look at them, but it was hard, they were watching me so intently, and the only vampires I had ever known beside myself, were Nemian and Adrianna.

Nemian found us a little table, away from everyone else, I think he was trying to ease me into this, and said he'd get me a drink. He didn't ask what I wanted, maybe because I had never drank anything from here before, or maybe because Nemian had been the big supplier of alcohol back at Berk and he just knew what I drank. Campari or a Cosmopolitan. Or champagne, sometimes straight from the bottle, Cristal. I was looking around interested in everything, in my heightened senses that let me hear the music in the club, individual people's conversations, and a cat meowing outside, all at once. When someone slipped into Nemian's seat, someone who was most certainly not Nemian.

"Hello." He said, his voice smooth like chocolate liquers, his hair was super light nearly white blond and his eyes were a stony gray blue.

"And who are you?" He cocked his head, "Young blood." He said studying my wrist, where my veins showed through my skin.

"Catrina." I said quietly. He smiled, and took my hand and kissed it, his lips feeling cold, even on my skin.

"Enchante Catrina." He said smiling slyly. "Tell me, what is a pretty young little thing like you doing out with our resident cynical Nemian." I slipped my hand out of him

"I'm with Nemian." I said simply, shrugging a little.

"But why?" He said, "When there are so many other choices, so many others who are more fun, your new blood, your young, why waste your time with him, he's hardly better then those who don't feed at all."

I looked away, "You don't know him." I said quietly.

"Or perhaps its you that don't know him, or rather don't know any better, what it is like to be one of us, to respect yourself and be what you are." He smiled, "Nemian is good looking, he's smart, he could have it all, but he won't admit that he is a killer."

"Nemian knows who he is." I said

"But not what he is." He said emphasizing the 'what.' "I'm Lestat." He added smiling smugly, "Like the infamous French duke."

"He's Lestat like the fictional character he wishes he were." Nemian was back.

"I wasn't speaking to you, Drafunder." Lestat turned to face Nemian, who stood behind him, holding two drinks, He handed mine to me, and I sipped it, sweet red Campari, infused with blood. I smiled. He had known. Of course he had known. "Where's Adrianna?" He asked laughing a little evilly.

"You know damn well where she is Lestat." Nemian said harshly. Lestat laughed,

"You don't really believe she's gone do you?"

"No, Lestat I don't but she isn't here." Nemian said shaking his head

"Oh, but is she here?" Lestat said touching Nemians temple lightly, Nemian shoved his hand away, "No. She never was."

Lestat laughed again, before turning back to me, "Why'd you take her Nemian?" He asked studying my face. I looked back at him coldly, "She's so beautiful, it's a shame for you to have one so perfect, let me have her."

I glared at him, "I am not anyone's, you cannot own me."

"You dare say that so young, in the presence of your creator?" Lestat said shaking his head,

"Go back to your servants Lestat, you know nothing of creators, you do not create anyone, you only destroy." Nemian said. And Lestat stood from his seat across from me and before going turned to me

"When you bore of him, and you will, you can find me here, always, I'll show you what it is to be who you are," he said and touched my arm, which I pulled away, he turned,

"Goodbye Drafunder," he said with a slight mocking bow to Nemian. Before slipping off into the crowd across the club. Nemian smiled weakly at me and sipped his drink,

"I'm sorry." He said quietly, "I shouldn't have left you alone."

"It's fine." I shrugged,

"There are people like Lestat," he began, "Who believe in loyalty to your maker, and some, like Lestat, change pretty young things like you to do their bidding, and then, when they find a new one, forget the old, and send her away. Without ever teaching her how to survive on her own, how not to get caught things like that, they are utterly lost without him." He sighed, "He would have you to be like them, if he could." I finished my drink and set it down. "They kill for pleasure, not to survive, kill tons drinking small bits from each, then murdering them, mixing their blood sometimes, before they die, to taste it al at once."

"That's wrong though isn't it?" I said quietly, "Cruel, evil."

"Well that is what Lestat and his group are." Nemian told me quietly. "I'll take you home." He added standing up.