Tooth - December 31, 2003

It gets no realer than me and you

Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna think I could learn to see through you

Just hear me speak a sentence or two

I dream about sitting on the stoop
Dreaming about doing the unmentionable

You taught me how to feel
And I have feelings for you
And what I'm feeling right now
Makes me wanna go, "Mmmmmmmm"

I'm telling you the truth

We can be tighter than the gap in my tooth
Tighter than a bike chain when you hit a curb and you make it come loose

Even tighter than a triple FAT goose
Even tighter than the cap on a double and deuce

Cuz what I got for you

Is tighter than a carton of juice

And what I got for you

Is tighter than the waters putting holes in the roof

Tighter than the truth, you and me too
And ... tighter than tree with deep-moving roots

Tighter than the sands
Digging in your toes with no shoes
Tighter than a fan
Summer kinda makes you go, "Wooooooo ... "

Tighter than a flash of blinding light
Tighter than the tooth on a bike
When you turn but the chain doesn't want to come loose