I stare,
And what do I get in return?
My heart inside, I feel it burn,
And when I will turn to see,
The reflection that should be me,
Tell me why do I see you?
It's hard to say it isn't true,
I can't hide forever in the disguise,
Within my face I see your eyes,
Warm and comforting, yet I am afraid,
Afraid! I'm terrified of what they said,
I've been hurting for so very long,
Is it possible for this to be wrong?
I clench my fists to hide the emotion,
I hold my breath and stop intuition,
You're always there when I'm asleep,
And I know my heart you'll always keep,
Is it too late to show I care?

I speak,
And what do I hear from your mind?
There are other things left to find,
Other than guilt or regret,
And the hurt that I won't forget,
I close my eyes, and there you are,
You're standing here but still too far,
I can see you reaching out your hand,
Trying to make me understand,
What everything in the world should be,
But I'm afraid; I'm to scared to see,
I don't want to be hurt like that again,
The agony is beyond any ache or pain,
Don't leave me alone, please, not here!
Don't leave me where there's so much fear,
You asked me before, if I could trust,
I swear that I will, I can, and I must.
You think I am strong, but I am weak.

I hear,
That living itself is not a crime,
But the troubles I see are merely time,
Perhaps it's true that I should care,
And I know I do, if you're still there,
Being afraid deep inside my heart,
I know within I'm missing a part,
I can't love without you,
I can't be crying if you never do,
I see you turn your glance this way,
And it seems to me like yesterday,
The days before when I didn't fear,
I was so naive; never crying a tear,
But now, although my heart is free,
Nothing can erase the memory,
I know, I can't hide forever,
But now, as long as we're together,
The wound that hurt is no longer here.

I can't hide,
So I'll divide,
My heart in two,
To give to you,
I'll learn to believe,
That you won't leave,
You'll hold my hand,
And here you'll stand,
I'll remember.
You know that I won't hide,
I swear to you, I never lied,
There's you and me!
And that's what we'll be.