I ache, I ache so terribly. My heart is breaking and the pieces are scattered, so far as to the ends of the Earth. Or at least, that's how I feel. I cannot tell him how I feel. I cannot utter a word when he embraces me, or touches me. I'm weak, I know, but I can't help it, it feels so good. My heart will be forever aching because of that. When I am grown, I will still remember him. I may not se him, but I will remember him.

That was in the past, I am grown now.

I sigh and recollect myself. Mourning will do me no good. It has never done anything to ease my pain, just to make it worse by realizing that he will never love me and hat I can never see him again.

True, I've had some mates in the past, but none cam compare to what I felt with him. I still think about it often, just to have something to hang on to. Like I said, it has done me nothing. I am younger then him, it was to be not. I know that now.

I write this to say I love him, to show my compassion to him, even though he has left. But he will not listen, he has never listened. Of course, back then I had no voice, at least not enough to get my point across.

With tears, pains, and love,

The one you never said you loved, but held just as tight without any words