"I was so foolish to believe that this could be done." Aero thought while a tingling pain crept up her leg. Her foot was embedded in a twisted root, telling its own story quite plainly. She laid her cheek on the ground and could feel a steady pounding through the earth "I should have known." She whispered. That pounding could only be made by one species of creature, Thamions. Thamions were squat, tough skinned creatures that looked to be about the size of a man. Each one had a chiseled face which was scarred and nasty, with rows full of yellow fangs. That was not to mention that they had two large tusks on either side of their mouths. Thamions were native to these woods and were allies with Lord Narokk, whom these parcels had been stolen from.
Aero looked down at the crook of her arms to make sure that the three bundles were still there. The rhythm of feet was picking up; if she stayed here any longer the Thamions would find her, kill her and take her prizes back. That could not happen. "And it won't!" she growled to herself. With a grimace she stood up and started into a limping run, her mind churning through memories in search of a shortcut, a hiding place, a hidden ally, anything to get her out of here. Aero had spent much time on the art of disappearance, but it took careful planning and time she didn't have. If she could make it to the edge of the forest, she could get her bundles onto Amaroh and ride away. But where was he?
A crash ahead of Aero alerted her of Amaroh's location. Ignoring the underbrush that whipped and clawed at her and the steady pain growing in her leg, she dashed forth unto a large field. The sky was a cloudless, sparkling blue and the sudden brightness of the sun blinded her momentarily. Still she kept running forward until the trees were a little ways behind her. The ground became straw yellow and the grass became long, making it harder to run. A shadow cast itself near her, soon coming forth to reveal a wolfish creature that was the size of a horse. It was Amaroh.
"What were you thinking?!" he exploded in a rough growling voice.

"There were three, so I took them all. Did you expect me to leave some of them there after so much planning?" Aero responded while gasping for breath. Her plan to steal these bundles had worked out perfectly, except for those annoying guards responding quicker than she had imagined.

"You're insane! Now that you've stolen ALL of them, Narokk will have your head!" He roared back with furiously narrowed eyes.

"Can we discuss this later?" She asked hoarsely, "I can't run much more and the Thamions are coming out of the forest." She stumbled for a second, but gathered herself and kept going.

Amaroh looked back over his shoulder and examined the un-orderly rows of beasts. "Get on." He responded, "But after we get away, you have some explaining to do concerning your actions."

She nodded and jumped on his back without effort.