"What I don't understand is how they found us," Amaroh growled through the darkness of night, "There was no sign of them for miles! These must be Narokk's elite team." He cursed to himself and kept running on the dark plains, "Aero? Are you listening to me? Are you even awake?"

Aero didn't respond, she merely lay upon his back, clutching the bundles with her eyes closed. She seemed limp and tired, which was exactly how she felt.

"Well I'll let you sleep then." Amaroh answered haughtily, hiding the fact that he was slightly disturbed by how frail Aero felt on his back. "I knew she was nervous," he mumbled to himself "And she thought that eating nothing wouldn't catch up with her." He sighed. Hopefully tomorrow they would reach one of the tribal cities.

As Amaroh pondered the comings of a new day, Aero lay awake on his back. About seven years ago she would have killed for an attack at midnight. To be able to ride away into the darkness unhurt was a rare event in anyone's lifetime, but to still be holding ones prize? Now that was impressive, or so it had seemed long ago. She sighed. The stars twinkled above her, forming swirling constellations. "I bet each one has a legend.."Aero murmured softly to herself and lapsed into sleep.
She felt stiff and sore from the nights ride. As she remembered her thoughts about the night's stars, she looked up to determine where Amaroh was. Aero couldn't remember getting off him, but somehow land was beneath her. The site that met her eyes was familiar; Amaroh was drinking from a mountain stream not far from where she lay. They were in a slightly forested area with sunlight streaming through the leaves, animals chattered in the trees above, but that didn't matter, they were in her homeland.

Amaroh, seeing that Aero was awake, trotted over to greet her. "Recognize this place?" He asked in his kind rough voice, "I believe this is where we first met, seven years ?" His eyes twinkled upon remembering their meeting.

"You're right," Aero answered, "This is exactly where we you remember that day?" she asked looking about her as though she were in a dream.

"Yes, I remember this place very well."Amaroh responded "and I assume your memory is better than mine."

Aero smiled and looked around her again, then stated half thoughtful, half mocking, "You know, we do have to bring these eggs to the tribesmen soon, or they might believe that the other committed foul play." She laughed softly, picturing the tribe's reactions.

"You're too true," Amaroh answered, "The farthest tribe is that of the StormFeather, they're to the north, then there is the tribe of the VineClaw, they're in the northwest, and closest is..." He drew a sharp breath and looked Aero straight in the eyes "The closest is that of SteelFang, but I'm not sure that we should go there so soon after your heritage."

Aero gritted her teeth remembering the SteelFang's attitude towards her heritage. "We should go to VineClaw first, they're not far." She was a proud SteelFang herself, or rather had been not to long ago. She sighed avoiding Amaroh's eyes; he wouldn't understand what was going on. No, Amaroh was brilliant, but this was far more personal than he knew. The SteelFang leader hadn't just killed her last family member; he had killed any chance of her escaping safely from the political world of the tribes. Aero was now the last living descendant of Oreanli, one of the Initial. And she knew the story well.

Once, a race of destroyers had ravaged the world, plundering all that they came upon. But some of their most powerful leaders rebelled as a group, that they had later named The Initial. There were four of them, Oreanli, the first leader of SteelFang, Isidsi, the first leader of VineClaw, Eyrimoet, the first leader of StormFeather and Luthiladae, the tribe-less.
The Initial had sowed the seeds of freedom, and so the three tribes were formed. As time went on though, people began to wonder why Luthiladae had no clan, and they also began to notice that she was present at the great meetings less and less. Anytime someone saw her, they described her as pale and shaky. Then one day, she stopped popping up, no one saw her anywhere. A great hunt was formed of the three Initial and their tribes, they scoured the world in hope, but she was not to be found.
In a last attempt to find her, they went to the lands of Dormoor, which had been named "Howlerian" It had been one of Luthiladae's favorite places. The tribes were greeted by an eerie silence. The land that lay before them was deserted, and Oreanli let out an ear-piercing cry of sorrow. Their search was in vain; Luthiladae was not to be found.
Suddenly, people came from the caves and the rocks where they had been hidden. One of them came forth to Oreanli and said, "The one you seek was taken, by a flash of light and a shrieking cry. Right there." The man pointed to a large slab of rock. Upon the rock was a strange symbol, etched into the stone; it was two crossed scythes with a circle between the blades.
Each tribe suspected one another, and there had been war between them since. Legend had it, that if Luthiladae was to be found, the fighting would stop, and a great rain would wash away the sorrows and pain of war..

"Aero? Hey, are you dozing again? Aero!" Amaroh's voice pulled Aero out of the story replaying in her head.
"Yeah, just dozing.I think we should go one was it, oh yeah, VineClaw." she let her sentence drift with a sleepy stupor.
Amaroh nodded in agreement; maybe Aero would sleep on the way there. He had noticed that she spent less time eating and sleeping lately; she had developed awfully dark circles under her eyes.