Gingerly stepping over the oozing masses that cluttered the way, he made for the double set of doors. Light gleamed in horizontal beams from the cracks where the doors met the ceiling and the floor. He pushed the door open with his shoulder. Not wanting to loose the feeling in his hands. He rubbed his fingers against his palms and savored the silky feeling from the dark, thick, liquid.

The wind tore around the columns that held up the building and whistled forever. As he stepped past them into the light he glanced quickly around at the crowd around him. Down the steps, he walked, hands out, so as not to lose the liquid-silk feelings, and towards the figures all staring at him. They clung to each other, and the wind blew off from them and into the man's face. The figures would not give him room to leave; he raised his hands and shook the dark liquid off on the people closest to him. It splattered little drops all over the figures, and they bent immediately to wipe the dark flowery buds off of their faces. As they bent to wipe with groans of dismay and disgust, he pushed them aside with his body and made his way down the wooden planks.

His boots thudded with light "plunks" across the slightly bending boards. His hands were by his sides now, the feelings lost as the dark dripped off the tips of his fingers. He walked for a while before he noticed a slight high pitched noise behind him, getting deeper, and then higher again all the while getting louder and closer to him. He reached the end of the dock and turned off to the left onto a pier. The screeching of brakes on worn down tires zig-zagged through his skull. He reached the end of the pier and listened to the angry rustles of plastic, metal and cotton on top of each other as he turned to face the figures pouring out of the flashing cars.

He put his hand inside his long coat for a cloth to wipe his hands on and the front of his face exploded into bits of bone and flesh flew out in every direction to hit the water with a splash as his body crumpled and the authorities swarmed over the pier to take his body away...