Chapter Two: A Nice Invitation

Whenever I tried to write, it never went well. This wall formed in my brain, blocking me from recollecting my thoughts, and channeling them towards my book. This only made me growl out of frustration, as at this pace I will never have my book published. I looked to the left and out of my window. Fumes clouded the streets as they were produced by those pillars, dark alleys were unkempt as who knows what goes on there, parts of the sidewalk was engraved with words that no one can read. This was the place where the prime of my life is taking place. It was not even a particularly gorgeous area.

I gave up. With my hand slamming on my keyboard, I turned off the computer. It was late at night and I blame my mind for barely working. Of course, with my luck, I would not be granted the right to sleep. The door had suddenly swung open and then shut, which would of probably woken me up if I went to bed. I knew who it was, my roommate Natalie, coming from yet another date, and going to tell me every single detail about it.

Quickly I wanted to slip under my covers and pretend I was sleeping, but Natalie was able to open the door to my room. She was a nice person, that is the only way I can describe her. There is no word that can define how strange and truly exotic she is, but that is why she moved in with me. I, being my usual self, cannot afford an apartment alone, so I called for aid. Too bad it didn't grant me some roommate who didn't speak to me ever.

"Sarah!" She exclaimed once her eyes made contact with mine. She was a pretty girl and that is why she was always out. Dark brown hair flowed down to her elbows, which matched her equally dark brown eyes. Her skin was dark, which made her look "exotic" for some strange reason. Her job was no better than mine, but at least she got paid, as she is a hostess. See, she works at this expensive restaurant, which only the rich can afford, and she lures guys to her with her. body? Anyway, they fall head over heels for her, she does the same, dumps them a week later and moves to the next guy. It was her pattern and it matched mine, but she didn't rob them.

"Natalie, it's late. Want to hit the bed?" I asked, which was more like a statement. I dropped onto my bed and pretended that she did not exist. Only she found herself sitting on the bed and she tried to speak to me.

"Nope. Don't you want to hear about my date? I also have to ask you a favor." She mentioned. I do not want to help her with her favors, as they always get me into awkward situations. They always involved me trying to get some guy to like her and it resulting in me being embarrassed. Her ideas were completely screwed up and no one should even give her the time to suggest them.

"You are such a downer now-a-days. Anyway, I went over to Jordan's house. You know, Jordan, that rich businessman?" blue collared freak. He probably had life served to him on a silver platter. It was so unfair how life seemed to be so much easier for some people than others. Why did the world work that way? "We've been going out for a week now and it has only been amazing."

A few yawns escaped my lips as I began to wonder why she was ranting about this anyway. Always she spoke about guys as if they are a necessity to have, but I never found it that interesting, "So I invited him to dinner on Friday." So this is where she throws in a favor of some sort.

"What does this have to do involving me? I am not going to be your waitress." For some reason I believed that she was going to ask me to pretend that she lived in high society. Eyelids began to close as they felt heavier and heavier and my temptation to sleep grew larger and larger.

"No, silly. I want you to come. Tell me if he is the deal. It is you who knows men best!" Why have people thought that? I knew what men wanted and needed, but I lacked the ability to read them. It was like I am a blind alliterate monk when it comes to the psychology of men, "And bring a date. I told him we could have a little gathering. He wants to know what my friends are like." There was the favor. I had to examine a man like he was a sick patient and I had to bring a date, this meant Natalie wanted to meet a man I associate with.

"Fine, I'll bring a date. We can talk and eventually get drunk. Now go." I put more force on the last word as I was trying to give her a hint. She only rolled her eyes in response.

"Tired from another job or is your book being difficult again? You know, you could tell me things. You never tell me what your book is about or anything or why you moved here," This conversation came up once or twice before, but I refused to get into it. I only tried to pretend I was asleep so she would leave the room with a unanswered question, but she continued to speak, "And are you going to ask that cute bartender you rant about out?"

If I had one regret in the last few weeks of my life, it was telling her about Adam. She automatically assumes that I have some strange sexual relationship with him, but it was a platonic friendship, that was all. Always she would talk about Adam and wanting to meet him. The past was the past for it cannot be changed, I know that for a sure thing.

"Natalie, a person will come. Now please, let me sleep. You can rant about Jordan or your new crush in the morning." I slightly growled as I threw the covers over my head in attempt to sleep. She probably wondered why I am so defensive when it comes to my past and why I decided to do these jobs every night, but I did not want to tell anyone about my former life. I moved to this city so I could have a clean slate and start things anew. So I could make a new name for myself and do what I want without being observed like a lab rat.

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