*Four Years Later*

Ever since I walked on that stage my eyes immediately began to hurt. The bright florescent lights scope out for my eyes and loved to shine right on them. It made me squint at first, and I stumbled over to my chair. Next to the chair, on the right side, was a table, and then another chair. This was just another day. Another day after I entered the harsh, yet blissful, world of the media enterprise. My first book was a success, and I found myself writing another. That book I was going to introduce in a few moments. It was like my first book, as it was based off me, but very different. No longer was it about the trivial tribulations of high school, but of my adult life. It all circled around the fact that I let my life slip so low, found myself in a manipulative work place, and had to seduce people to get my way. All of that had to stop though once I figured out I was pregnant. Then, I decided to turn over a new leaf. I could remember that exact moment. When I mumbled those words, to another person, that I was pregnant.

*Four years ago*

The crying in the bathroom stall seemed like forever, and I wanted to cry. I thought that the tears would help ease the pain that I found myself in this condition. It only turned out to be a few minutes. The cries soon turned into insane laughter. Tears of joy, people would call them. If anyone entered that bathroom, and saw what I did, they would question my sanity. So would I. I was going to be a mother. Maybe I wasn't the most responsible person, nor the smartest, nor the most charming, but I was sure that I could raise a child. Especially when I could expose her to a world where I was going to be successful. And I knew exactly what not to do because I did all mistakes possible.

I studied myself in the mirror and smiled. Then I rushed out of the bathroom back to the photo shoot. There I saw that the director of this whole show was extremely pissed off. His face was red. Flames fumed from his nose. His arms flailed about as if he wanted to smack the living hell out of someone. He saw me and immediately rushed over to me. He snorted before he started to interrogate me

"Where have you been? Have you looked at a watch? Lunch break was only fifteen mintues and you've been out for an hour!"

"Sorry, I had business to attend too." I tried to act polite. I knew that I was rude to be off for such a long time. His company did pay lots of money for this to happen.

"Sorry?! That's all you have to say? Who do you think you are? You ain't a big thing. Trust me, I won't' feel bad at night if I just canceled this entire shoot."

I grabbed him by his shoulders and made him look at me in the eyes. No way was I going to be treated like a piece of trash. Especially not right now. Not at this moment will he shake my attitude like I did something wrong. I felt that excruciating feeling one too many times. "One moment ago, just right before you started to yell at me, I figured out something out that's life altering. I am pregnant."

"Is this some joke of yours?" The look on his face was startled. I bet he didn't expect me to treat him like a rag doll.

"At any other time, in any other place, if you said that, you would be right. But, this time, you are wrong. I would expect pity for someone who just figured this out." The look in my eyes could had made someone turn into ice.

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Commiserate. I do not need some twit annoying me about how I am late as I waited my precious ninety seconds to see if the rest of my life will change. Got that? Now let me get ready and I will stop wasting your time, and your money, and we can get this over with."

*Four years later*

The interview was plain and typical.

"What inspired you to write something based off your own life? In both of your books, they are both quite personal."

"Well I feel like if I exploited certain issues in my life that people could relate to my struggles. I'm sure plenty of people have been in similar predicaments. I also wanted to show how the worst obstacle can turn into the biggest blessing."

"What do you mean by this?"

"Well my pregnancy was unexpected. I thought I was cursed and I reached the worst point of my life. But it turned out to be the exact opposite."

Standing and waiting impatiently back stage was a little girl. Her legs guided her small frame back and forth, annoying all of whom was in the back. After the interview was over, it was only I who could contain her frame. She ran up to me, like I had not seen her in ages, and hugged my legs.

"Mommy!" Her pleasant voice greeted me.

She looked nothing like me. She was blessed with the looks of the father. Long cascading dark brown hair, and a deep tan to match. Intense brown eyes that were sure to captivate the hearts of men and an inquisitive manner to her that charmed all who spoke to her.

*Four years ago*

After the somewhat photo shoot, Chad, trying to be nice, threw me a little dinner. I suppose this would be our first date. I smiled to this thought. For the entire ride to his house, I wondered if I should break the news.

When I came in, his lips became apart of mine. The table had a white sheet over the dark wood, he set up two plants right next to each other, and a few candles. It was sweet, romantic, very unlike Chad. Already on the plants were the main course. He walked me over to my seat and pushed in the chair for me.

"Wine?" He asked, picking up a bottle.

"No thank you."

"You sure? It's quite fine, and I don't think I can have it all to myself." He poured himself a glass. I knew I couldn't have any. It was like he wanted me to get drunk. The food though was delicious, but he kept pressing this wine thing.

"You usually enjoy a fine glass. I know it seems like I'm pushy, but I paid a lot for it,"

"I said I can't."


"Why are you pressuring me?"


Everything about that dinner came back to the wine.

"You said you can't have wine like something happened."

"Must you over analyze everything?"

"I'm just curious."

I put down my fork and knife and stared. Better now than never.

Then life changed.

*Four years later*

I kissed the man that I loved so dearly. The person that had brought me this child and such a great life. Even though we struggled to make it as a couple and it took such a drastic measure for us to get together and try at a serious relationship, it all turned out well. All of my expectations of him being a father were false. He turned out to be a great parent, and I suppose it was the news of me being pregnant, and me loving him, that made him change so positively.

I believed every book had a happy ending. Most of my obstacles in life turned out be quite the opposite. But if I were to die right now, my life had the best ending.

(Author's Note: If you don't know who it is by now, then I fear for you... I liked the epilogue, it is differently written than the other chapters, because she has matured even more since then. Hope you liked and your questions were answered)

Last Comment:

I am kind of glad that people did not expect what happened. I am satisfied with what I wrote. This is the second ending I have ever written. This is the second fiction I have ever written. For my second fiction, I think it's good. You can argue with me otherwise, if you want. But I'm going to reply to each persons comment:

LuvULots12014: If I told you who the father is, then it would ruin the entire story. But at least you looked into the text. Maybe you are right.

Skumouse: Tell me, are you confused now?

Estelle Strafford: Is it an ending now?

Crystal Duck: A weird ending, hmm... I call it good?

Scarlet Mirage: Of course you are my favorite reviewer! I think Sarah changed more in the end than in the other chapters. But she did change herself to get what she wanted. I also wanted my other characters to change.

Blackaces924: I am glad that you like the story. Sarah just does what she needs too to get what she wants. I hope you finish the entire story because this is the LAST chapter.

Skandlus: I'll IM you later and we can have a long conversation. My life has been strange, as I have told you all ready. Well read this when you can and there will be no Trilogy. Eww. I hate those even more than sequels.

I know that a lot of people have compared this to the original. Although this was not as popular as the first, I do believe that it is better written. I wrote the first one on spontaneous moments, while I gave a little more thought to what I wrote in this. This one had more of a plot, while the first one was just kind of a journey. Both of them I think as very different and unique. They both are written differently, even though it was through the same persons point of view. I wanted this one to have a more dark and angst theme, only to show the pain she had been through. I also wanted to show that some of her feelings from the past (in the first) were still there, which was why I kind of kept mentioning it. If you were a new reader, I would guess it's easy to assume that they were in love and broke up? No/yes?

Even though this was better written, people do say the first one was a bit better. I do ask why. They say it had more spunk or wasn't was demented or some excuse. I personally find this kind of helpful. But I don't think some people realized that this fiction had the same structure as the first. Most sequels try to start off where the first one ended and throw in an extra twist or something. While, for my sequel, I wanted to make it much more extreme and just throw her into a new world. From little suburban girl, to mature urban woman. Even the conflicts in this were just like the original's (in a way) but a lot more extreme. Like,

Through the Words of Gossip: Chad comes into scene. Sarah is conflicted because she already has love interest (this being John).

Through Engravements of Truth: Chad comes into scene. Sarah is conflicted because she likes Adam.

See similarity? Or,

Through the Words of Gossip: Sarah is betrayed by a former friend. Lucy posted her actions in the school newspaper.

Through Engravements of Truth: Sarah is betrayed by best friend. Natalie slept with Chad.

It is made to look different, but it is actually quite the same. This made me curious of why people liked the first one more. Hopefully that question will be answered. This also proves that I was not writing this so blindly and not using anything from the first one at all. Since I realized if I was going to make the sequel completely different (at first I wasn't even planning to have Chad in it) I realized I just wanted a different plot, different everything, and only have Sarah. That wouldn't make much sense. I might as well have a new main character.

Moving on, I noticed throughout the fiction that a lot of people commented on Sarah's character. You all said she was crazy and stuff because of what she had done. The only difference between the former Sarah, and the one you all commented on, was that things were backwards. It only showed that I wanted to past to have changed her in a way. She changed to know what was happening and do something about it - even if it wasn't right.

Through the Words of Gossip: Chad finds out Sarah is dating James. He goes through a slight rampage (starts fight)

Through Engravements of Truth: Sarah finds out Chad is dating Natalie. She goes through a rampage (verbal fight with Natalie which gets her fired)

So it's twisted. And it's a bit more extreme. If I made Chad look like the bad guy again, then it would not be interesting to read. Since we all read it before. So I decided to make twist it. But even though you people thought Sarah is a bad person, you continued to read, because you wanted to see how/when she would change back to a slighter sane self.

But I was very glad you guys commented on the characters. I tried to make them a bit more diverse than in the first one. I also wanted each character to serve a purpose. I actually didn't have a lot of people in this fiction, well there were names, but only Sarah and Chad really had parts. So I am glad that you wanted her to end up with someone else or liked someone else, besides Chad, as if the character was developed enough.

I also know I'm pretty weak in dialogue. This is why I have Sarah explain a lot because I always confuse myself when writing dialogue (I know. Weird. Most people find it harder to do descriptions and easier to do dialogue. I guess I'm special.) Which people may have found annoying, but I also made her an over thinker. Even though I suck at dialogue, I tried to use it a lot more this time. I wanted a characters speech to be different, which would reflect their personality.

Like I made Scott sound confusing and too formal (I hope) and once he began to open up, I made him sound less confusing.

I also wanted speech to show their emotion. Like lots of people said it was unhuman for Jordan to yell at the manager in the restaurant like that. I just wanted to show intense anger and exercising power so Sarah would feel better.

So did anything that I was trying to do actually work? If so or not, then how so? Please tell me so in my future works I can get better.

By the way, I am starting a new fiction. I will upload it sometime soon. Please read it! I hear it is very good.