"Soul of Twilight"

As tender as the soul can be, it bleeds.
As warming as the heart comes forth, it pleads.

As bright as the moonlight is, it dies.
As truthful as words are, it lies.

As broken twilight falls into place,
Shadows are cast and I'm left without a trace.

As beauty rides into an endless sphere,
My love for him arouses near and near.

As the winds takes its leave into distant land,
The confusion of my being he can not understand.

As myths become actuality in a world that no longer assumes,
A heart shouts a tear that no one can hear in the gloom.

As darkness converts into a haunted soul and twisted sanity laughs its way,

Absurd thoughts stead my direction more than dare say.

As the cosmos migrate to guise the better part of me,
Solar eclipses laugh by virtue of the victor being she.

As the nature of love hunts once again,
The idiocy of me will linger to mend.

As autumn comes and the parched leaves fall,
I may come to grasp that I shouldn't love him at all.

By Celtic moon