some hurts are simple, minor things:
scrapes and bruises, paper cuts
but what happens to us children
when the door of kindness shuts?

some wounds can be quickly healed
with a band-aid or a kiss
but bruises and scrapes are nothing compared
to the agony left by this:

a hateful, hurtful family
our unforgiving peers
someone's innocence, cruelly taken
the shame of showing tears

we starve ourselves almost to death
we cut ourselves with knives
we do drugs to forget the pain
we even try to take our lives

just because i cut myself
doesn't mean i have no soul
don't think that i'm happy with myself
because i'm skinny as a pole

i may do drugs, but please understand
i'm really not all bad
i want to live, but i hate it too
i'm sick of feeling sad

to not even be a grown-up
and already possess their pain
to never know the warmth of the sun
but instead taste the bitter rain
to wonder how it is possible
that even god could forget
how he could neglect his very own child
he turned his back when we were upset

all we need is just a friend
who'll be there when we're in need
guide us to the sunshine
help us take the lead

we know we're hard to reach sometimes
it's hard to find the child within
to give us love to ease the pain
to feel innocence again

so when we are too critical
and say hurtful, piercing things
please remember our kinder side
please help us find our wings

when you see our quick defenses
our efforts to control
the way we form elaborate plans
for unrealistic goals
when daily tasks become turbulent
and we fight to the bitter end
it's just that we think that winning means
we won't be hurt again

so when you see us weary
please be understanding, my friend
we can't stay here without you
just please, be with us 'til the end