*Author drivel: I think these need a bit more of an introduction than a summary allows for. The idea behind all this was conceived some time ago, but I'm a lazy high school student, and anything in my life takes a long time to come to fruition. But here they are. Poems about people. My subjects herein are factual and fictitious, known and unknown, some jotted down and posted in the same day and some pulled out of my vault. They'll be updated every so often. Whenever inspiration strikes me and I have the inclination to follow it. Enjoy.*

Music Man

He stands in the doorway


Looks around,

Down the street he looks


He's waiting for something-

For what?

Plain white T-shirt and blue jeans with

Black Nike shoes

And short, dark hair

On a round head

Stands in the doorway, waiting-

For what?

Guitar leans next to him,

Wooden curves shining in afternoon light.

He picks it up,

Picks out a tune,

Music for the sake of music

Strumming softly,

Music Man,

In plain white T-shirt, blue jeans, Nike shoes.

He stands in the doorway:

Music Man, waiting-

For what?