I don't know what attracted me to him. I mean I barely knew him, he was just someone you pass by, only giving one glance to and that's it. We don't say a word to each other and we don't even look at each other. So what could have possibly drawn me to him? Even till now that question keeps crossing my mind, and even now I still have no answer for it... At least I have no answer that satisfies me.

He was here since I don't know when. I guess it must have been the beginning of Paulson high school. I saw him during our freshmen year, and though he was in one of my classes, I never exchanged a word with him. That was how it was for a year in a half. I was used to that, it was almost like a routine for me. And yet...

His name was Brandon Carson. A simple name for anybody simple. But he wasn't like that. If you hear his name you think he's just a regular guy. But if you see him, you just have this feeling... As if he was more than just a regular person was. More than normal.

I barely started to notice him sophomore year. We both took the bus, and he was always the one to get off first. I suddenly found myself watching him walk out the bus door every day, watching the back of his head, and thinking to myself, "When was he ever blond?"

For most girls it would have been his crystal blue eyes that would have hypnotize them, sweeping them off their feet without saying a single word. And to other girls, he would have been classified " hot" and he was. But the strange thing was, he wasn't hanging around with the cool kids or anything like that. In fact he did just the opposite. He hung around with only two boys who were twins, Alex and Craig Nelson.

The girls at our school wanted so desperately to make a move on him. But somehow his whole person was a shield, keeping them at a distance almost like a sign saying, " Don't come near me." But that didn't stop them from daydreaming or from sighing everytime he happens to walk pass them.

You may think I am in love with him or something, but no I'm not. It's more complex then a school girl crush. For me it wasn't his eyes that attracted me or any of his looks. It was what he wrote in our English class, a class he and I always seem to share, that made me finally notice him. Finally see a little glimpse of whom he really was.

Our teacher, Mr. Height, wanted all of us to write a couple of sentences describing how we see life. Out of the whole class, Brandon was the one chosen to be the most insightful one. Mr. Height posted it up in front of the classroom, letting anyone come up to see it. No one bothered, but I couldn't help but be curious. When class let out, I found myself wandering towards the front of the class, my eyes roaming around to find his paper. And when my eyes landed on his paper, I was touched in more ways than one.

" Death is the end of all things allowing an escape from the pain while life can be the destruction of the soul. Two paths lie before you. One lies paradise; the other lies secrets waiting to be uncovered. Which will you choose?"

All right it wasn't exactly an award-winning piece, but it had this way of just reaching out to me. The two paths was what made me think. Obviously anyone would choose paradise, but the other path seem more appealing. It was as if the other path was his life, and it was as if he was finally offering someone a chance to take a look of how it was like. And I couldn't help but feel a desire to just go up to him and say, " I want to choose the second path." But I tried to get rid of that feeling, thinking I was just being foolish and was reading too much into things.

After that day I started to observe him often. And yet no matter how much I observe him I have yet to know how his voice was. How it sounded like. Was it deep? Squeaky? Or was it as hypnotizing as his eyes, a soft melodious voice that could make your heart melt everytime a word was uttered. Or was it normal, something I doubt it could be.

The more I looked at him, the more I clearly see him. The more I started to try and make conclusions about him, the more confuse I became. It was a game of mines, each day I had to find something new about him, something that sets him apart from everyone.

Who he was is a mystery, something I wonder if anyone could actually uncover. To me it seems like not even the best detectives in the world could even solve it. So what makes me, Haley Chan, think that I can uncover this mystery. I was foolish; I knew that. But I was a foolish girl with a little hope deep down, hoping I could talk to him, to see him. To know him...

The days passed and during those days I gather little pieces of information. It was like a jig saw puzzle, waiting to be put together to create some sort of magnificent picture. And I knew that if I could gather all the pieces, the picture would be... Magic.

I guess you can say I wanted to know more about Brandon Carson because he was confusing. People say I am smart, always wanting to find answers to the unknown. I guess I am like that and at first I think that was my only reason for wanting so badly to know Brandon. But as I sit on the same seat on the bus everyday, alone, next to the same familiar window, a few rows behind him like always, I realized I had changed. I can't describe it... It was just too... Complicated.

Who was Brandon Carson? There is no answer to that. I don't think there ever will be. But hey, surprises always come during unsuspected time's right? I wonder if that will ever happen to me.

So for now...

I choose the path to uncover those secrets...

And I hope I won't regret it...