A/N: This poem was sort of written for English class. We had to write a poem with the theme of "walk a mile in my shoes." Well, I started off talking about shoes… (Written December 20, 2000.)


Shoes, some flop,

Some go clippity-clop.

Mine are silent, kind and true,

Unacknowledged by all of you.

They sit alone,

With me, all alone.

You never acknowledge, never care,

Never even see that we are there.

If only you'd see,

This isn't really me.

It's a shadow of the person I used to be,

At least, before everyone turned their backs on me.

No one cares who they hurt,

Nor whose face they rub in the dirt.

No one cared that the face belonged to me,

Nor whether or not I'd drown in the cruel sea.