To the readers

This is not kinky praise nor a sacred tribute to the authors mentionned in the following haiku. I simply thought some pennames were so creative- they are definitively worth being part of a three-lined poem. (edited april 28th 2005) Some pennames come from song lyrics. I am almost never aware of it until I am being told in, let's say, a review.

If you feel offended, dishonored or simply wish not to be part of that humble project, please let me know and I will gladly end the corresponding haiku's life.


Did you know?

1.. Skip disclaimers at your own risk.
2.. Penname taken from a Tori Amos song.
3.. The author speaks german.
4.. Picture yourself the great Danaus plexippus.
5.. Final "e" and "es" of nouns and adjectives are mute in french.
6.. Well ... a word is made of metal?
7.. She said growing was not a bowl of cherries. I'll always remember this quote.
8.. Take the scars off your body and aim them at someone.
9.. "My ashtray's full And I'm spiling my guts" away is a good way to avoid communication in a relationship.
11. The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff) O-Town
12. I do not wish to offend christians. But I like to think that from time to time.
13. The Japanese symbol for 'writing' also means 'scratching'.
14. a)Read 'The Knight', by Adrienne Rich. b)allusion to Emily Dickinson-ish formatting.
15. Behind the bathroom mirror, creams and make-up and slim pills
16. She dresses like a guy not to attract guys' glance upon her skin.
17. You moved out. I didn't.
18. I'm just playing hard to get...
19. GO READ THIS ONE FIRST, it's just awesome. It is.
20. Life has its own ways of torturing you.
21. She's one overbearing city.
22. It makes me feel unfaithful.
23. No Olympics on Stolen Native Land, they say.
24. Sometimes you have to let go to find something even better along your way.
25. That's how you caught me: I've always liked to gaze into your cerulean eyes.
26. Prometheus, you.
27. Synesthesia.