Just a little something to keep myself entertained. *shrug* Some more of my short and one- shot fiction.


He swiveled around in his chair out of boredom. With nothing to do and rain beating harshly against the window pain, the teenager was wide awake and didn't feel he least bit tired. So sleeping was not an option.

Turing his chair to face the computer he stared into the white screen that met his eyes. Writer's block is not a good thing to have when you're faced with a deadline within the next three weeks. Fred had a three page story he had to finish for LA. All he remembered, since he fell asleep for the start of class, was that it had to be original and three pages long.

Sighing, he gathered up his strength and set to work typing. It didn't take him long to finish with his first page. Not knowing what the story would be about and since he was having writer's block he just kind of let the words flow and then see later what he came up with. He was surprised that the work he had done was not too terribly bad. He smiled and let his hands go down from the keyboard. He spun his chair around with a smile on his face. He came to a stop and then got up, going to his room, but not before saving his document on disk.

Taking his disk up with him, he entered his room in the attic. Setting his disk on his desk Fred made his way to his bed. Plopping down with a small sigh he lay on his back staring at his ceiling. Staring at the ceiling is what gave him the inspiration to write. Though not right now. He was thinking of something else. More or less he was pondering his relationship with David. No, he wasn't gay, but his friend seemed to drift away from him and began to ignore him now.


"Hey! David, want to come bowling with us?" The black haired teen asked his best friend since second grade. They were in High School now.

"Ummm." David looked at the ground and bit his lip.

"What? Don't you want to come? All of our friends are coming. Sabrina, Lucy, Maya, Tom, Andrew, and Chet will be there."

"I don't think I can make it." David then turned his back and didn't say another word. After that he avoided most of his friends and hung out with the preps, cheerleaders, and football players.

*End FlashBack*

Fred sighed again and turned over on his side. Sleep was becoming more and more of an option now. It was getting late anyway. Looking at his clock it told him that it was a little past twelve. He laid there and didn't get up for a while. He then decided that he was too tired to get up so he just went to bed like that.


Yes, short, but if I'm inspired more I think I may write another chapter. *shrug* Maybe.