I walked alone with the voices in my head, like always.

"Leave this place." One of them whispers, "No one here cares about you. Didn't all of your best friends just leave you to join another group of girls? What kind of friends would do that?"

"Its all because of you!" I retorted, "You told me that she could help me, you said it would be okay, that with the right help I'd be fine, but now look what's happened! The entire town thinks I'm insane, they think I killed you, Kelly, Sam, and Austin! I hate you! Go away!"

The streets were oddly empty; I observed this while the voices chorused in protest within me. Where had everyone disappeared to? Probably hiding 'till I was .

"We only tried to help!" Kelly cried

"It's not your fault, nor is it ours!" Sam joins in, "The people of the town just don't understand!"

"Neither do I." was my sharp answer.

Two weeks ago, there had been an explosion at school. Sam, Kelly, Austin and the bomber, who was called Dan, had been killed. I had been there and survived, but now the souls of the four had somehow been infused in my mind. They were taking over, that I knew, and it frightened me. "But how to get rid of them?" I asked aloud.

I had once read a story about a kid who was killed while he was floating out of body; so the kid's soul took over some dudes body and tried to get rid of the guy's soul. What he does is, he takes the dudes body and finds a dolphin, and the guy's soul gets sucked in by the dolphin's large conscious.

Where then, could I find dolphins?!

There was a marine aquarium on the edge of town that no one went to anymore, maybe there were dolphins there? The place hadn't been very busy lately. Ignoring the questions in my head, I changed directions and headed for the edge of town.
The aquarium was old and weathered; its once bright blue paint was peeling off to reveal sandy grey cement. The doors had pink graffiti on them, which spelled out all sorts of rude things. I opened the door and was surprised by how nice it was inside; there were small ceiling lights that cast a faint glow on the dark carpet and deep blue walls. The air was warm, but not stifling. Looking around, I verified there were no guards or clerks.
The dolphin tank was easy to find, there were pointers everywhere. In the tank there were four dolphins, each one of them looked curiously at me. Taking a closer look I saw the steps leading up to the tank, and with a deep breath I walked toward it.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" came Austin's voice.

It was followed by Dan's "You'll kill us all!"

"Right," I commented slyly "you're already dead and I'm about to kill you." I rolled my eyes with annoyance. With that I climbed the stairs; the dolphins eyed me nervously, because they didn't recognize me at all. I looked down on them with pity and realized there were four dolphins, which meant that each of them could have an extra soul.
I dove in. The water was freezing to my skin, but I kept swimming. One of the dolphins came over to me; I reached out with Austin's soul in my hand. The moment I touched the dolphin, it reared and thrashed, but Austin's soul, and voice, was gone. Next I grabbed Sam's soul and continued the processes until all the voices were gone. All the dolphins were thrashing within the tank as I slipped out the entrance.

"Now," I said softly, "Let me find some dry clothes and get out of here."