by Lalita

Sucked to the computer

Staring at the screen

Looking like a zombie

Too drugged to hear a scream

Dragged into the depths

Of the mind-ensnaring game

Too focused on your health stats

Your way to stay safe and sane

Delve deeper in your mind

Past the blinking lights

See the darker secrets

You keep hidden in your life

Move past the game's statistics

Real thoughts are swimming there

Even though you always act

Like you've never cared

A punch to the face

You retaliate

With a satisfied grin

You bark a triumphant "I win!"

New day, new game

It's all the same

Control your world

Watch actions unfurl

See what's in your eyes

Why you don't look in the mirror

Afraid they'll see past the wall

See all your lonely, bitter tears

The game's just a distraction

To block out other thoughts

A way to hide your feelings

Forget all that you've lost

Move the mouse

Click and drag

Just play the game

It'll be okay