Cold, so cold, she shivered again. She wrapped her arm around and held herself,
trying to get some warmth, but it's no use. She could never block the coldness
away from her, never. The bone chilling wind, again, penetrated through
all the obstacles, reached into her heart, and took everything away. She
coughed. She had always liked coldness, but not today. It was too cold for
her. She wanted to go to some place where it was nice, warm and comfy but
there was no such place. Her hands were already numb and they started to
hurt. Her stuff nose was painted in red by the weather. Her feet were moving
forward like a machine. She didn't care about them.

Memories replayed itself in front of her eyes, again and again, like a video
tape. The feeling had now woke up, submerged her consciousness and broke
her only mask, the only protection. They were too much. The necklace, the
sweet talks, the cards and the heart breaking ending brought up all her
emotions. She had tried so hard to throw the evidence away, but she failed.
Yes, she did throw away the necklace, deleted the conversations and tore
up the cards but she could never toss away the true feelings. Her eyes were
full of tears. She wanted to cry and let everything out but she can't, not
in public. She touched her forehead with her cold hand and took a deep breath,
trying to calm down. She wiped her eyes and a name appeared. A name she
could never forget; a past she could never ignore; a memory she could never
delete. She knew perfectly that those extra feelings were useless and they
brought nothing but trouble. She closed her eyes and one tear rolled alone
her cheek.

She didn't want to go home; she didn't want to put on the mask again; she
didn't want to act, no right now. She wanted go to the beach, the only place
where she could take off her mask, but she couldn't. She had to go home.
There was no other choice. She had no time nor space to weep or complain.
Though she knew she should suck it up, she couldn't do it. It was not as
easy as it sounded. He had taken away her dreams, her dignity and her pride.
She didn't hate him; she didn't blame him; she didn't love him; however,
she missed him; she liked him; she thought of him. She wanted to forget,
to ignore, to move on, but can she?

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