There is no sound.

The drying leaves flee from the trees,
And circle in the never- ending breeze,
They flit past your ear, and so you watch,
Opening your bright eyes to feel their touch,
The air grows colder, yet we shall stay,
Dwelling here where none fade away,
A tinge of darkness now stains the sky,
The full moon rises to follow us by,
Luminous, on your hair in radiant light,
You are the flame on a black winter's night,
Burning so bright in my cold eyes,
So comforting, and so true; There are no lies
Here in your presence I'll always feel loved,
Where only the feelings of care are served.


Brightness I've found.

The sun shines through the white sea,
Whispering soft words of kindness to me,
The warm breath of air blanketing my arms,
Caressing the boughs that hang low and calm,
You walk through eves of the quiet heat,
Feeling the soft grass beneath your feet,
I look up at the great blue of the sky,
Glancing around and wondering why
I feel comfort and no longer have fear,
It is springtime with you and me here,
We stand watching the mountains that veil
The evening approaches and the swallows sail,
They fly away to their homes to nest,
And soon night will come, and the sun shall rest.


There is no evil.

My hands run down the coarse bark,
The trees are so old, so rough and dark,
Yet they are beautiful in their own way,
The flowers are in bloom here everyday,
Resting by their side, you feel no dread,
I lie, still watching the birds fly ahead,
Graceful and swift, so peaceful and free!
My trust I hope you'll someday see,
Like the summers love falling with the sun,
Holding their hands and together they run,
Apace, they fly around your gentle hand,
These feelings are so hard to understand,
But in the gleaming sun I feel no grief,
Of the hurts that life can so quickly leave.


Against my will.

Holding my breath as clouds fly away,
It's too far beyond my control to say,
That everything that has happened is true,
All the hardships I feel have led me to you,
At some times it can get so hard to believe,
In the other things that no one can give,
But in the autumn's light there is a fire,
That will brighten the skies of your desire,
Fulfilling the seas and rivers that slowly swim,
Perceiving my thoughts among the guilty whim,
Hoping that you might one day see it too,
Before the winter arrives to block out the blue,
And replace it with darkness to make me blind,
But soon it will be spring, and life we shall find.

My mind is too disordered to see,
That there are other things to be,
Not just the stone that can never feel,
But in this season with you I am real.