She yawned a bit and rubbed her eyes
A pen was in her hand
She wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote
Her pen did all it can

Her thoughts were in an endless swirl
Her mind still full of dreams
She makes her characters smile and frown
She makes them laugh and scream

Growl, oops. There goes her stomach,
But yet she did not stop
Her hand kept writing and her eyes kept reading
Her stomach started to hop

And yet 'til now, she paid no mind
The food can wait more minutes
She looked at the clock and narrowed her eyes
The clock used up all it's digits

She yawned once more and sighed a bit
Her eyes felt very heavy
Her arms went limp, she still clutched the pen
She had no time to be sleepy

She's fine with this, with her life,
With her career, and health
Her writing is her everything
No, she don't need help.

She writes and writes and reads and reads
No time for anything
No time for food, no time for sleep
Only for reading and writing