Genesis Sequel

Adam walked just ahead of Eve as they strode through the woods. It had been only months since they had disobeyed God by eating from the forbidden tree and were exiled from Eden. Eve still couldn't believe it had all happened. Even now, trudging through the forest and subconsciously noting how inferior its vegetation was to Eden's lush gardens, she kept expecting someone to come and wake them up from this dream. Later on, when the sun was setting slowly, Eve saw signs of tiredness in Adam's walk.

"Let's rest here." Eve called ahead.

Adam swiveled his head back to her and a flicker of annoyance crossed his face.

Just a flicker.

They found a clear spot of forest floor where Adam rested against a mossy tree trunk and Eve sat quietly across from him. Silence stretched on for minutes.

"You're still mad, aren't you?" Eve questioned as she studied the leaves by her toes.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Adam answered, turning to her. "Eve, we were kicked out of Eden, our home."

"Adam, I know you blame me, and I can't change that. But I can tell you that no one hates what has happened more than I do."

Adam looked away, head down. "That doesn't change things, does it?" Silence returned until Eve's sobs broke through.

"Don't you think I know I'm weak? God provided us with everything and still I allowed the serpent to tempt me into craving more. But imagine, Adam, knowledge! I thought I would be doing it for both us. I thought…just imagine it though, you being like God, feared and all mighty; and me a strong, loving wife by your side. We could have been invincible together, ruling the beautiful kingdom our generous Lord created for us. Imagine that kind of power, Adam. Imagine all of that at a woman's fingertips. All of those great things barely contained within the thin skin of an apple…" Eve paused and lifted her wide red eyes to Adam's.

"And with one bite, we'd have it all."

The forest animals quieted suddenly, as if sensing the tense emotion in the air. Adam fixed his weary eyes on Eve, who had started to cry into her balled fists.

"Eve…the evil serpent knew nothing but lies, he twisted his words to trick you."

Sniffing, Eve lowered her hands and looked off into the darkening forest surrounding them.

"I know now," she managed, turning her head to Adam, "I know now."