There are shadows on my wall,
Dark and mysterious as they crawl,
Swirling in obscurity and cold wind,
Turning me inside out and within,
I feel a cry rising in my soul,
I'll try not to think of it all as a whole,
One day I'll peel it apart and say,
That it will all be better for me someday,
But someday is here in the sun,
And nought to be helped here has been done,
Just simple words, said by liars,
Who cursed the damned and lit the fires,
There is no safe place for me to hide,
If only, if only I could be by your side,
Instead of here where the skies will weep,
And deep in my soul I can never sleep.

There are shadows in my eyes,
Wandering and lurking in the lies,
Holding the truth away from me,
Far away so that I'll never see,
I won't perceive in the truths of the world,
I cannot believe in life unfurled,
It's hard not to fall into despair,
But when I close my eyes I can see you there,
I reach out my fingers to feel your hand,
But now you're gone, still I always can
I can remember the sweetness we had,
I can recall the mornings that we shared,
And they light a candle in my heart,
So that it seems that we're never apart,
And I open them again, to reality,
But here you shall stay in immortality.

Shadows seem so hard to see,
And they will always be to me,
But though I face all that is wrong,
I know you were here with me
All along.