Why doesn't it go away?

Why does it always have to be around?

I don't need it.

I don't want it,

But it's there.

All the time.

I wish that I could see my own pain

And not care about other people.

I wish I had time to be myself

And not care about other people.

But the pain is always there.

Like a see-through ghost

On a chilly autumn night.

My head is screaming.

My heart is mourning.

My eyes are crying blood.

Each drop running slowly down my face

Only to remind me of this cold stab

Known as pain.

I used to be so innocent.

I used to be so happy.

Why did it go away?

When did it go away?

How did my happiness get replaced by pain and sorrow?

I'm crying my heart out,

But no one cares.

I'm cutting my arms till I get numb,

But no one cares.

Tomorrow I'll go and buy myself a gun…

Maybe someone will care…

Somewhere, someday

This pain will go away.