The Hidden Talent.

Disclaimer: This is actually an essay I wrote for my midterm in school. And it is originally in Norwegian, since I live in Norway. So if some of it sounds a bit weird, you can either blame my English teacher or my translation. This is just something that came out of my mind when I read this sentence in the task: Describe one hour in the year 2050.


"Late again! In only one hour it's all braking lose and I manage to be late… I'm always late! What's wrong with me?" The sound of her shoes made an echo in the same rhythm as her heart as she followed the rolling sidewalk around a corner and in between some buildings. Twai wished that she had time to stop and look at the view as she normally always does, but today she didn't even have time to wish it. She would just have to settle with a few quick glimpses while she kept running. She had been living in this city all her life, but could never seem to be fed up with its beauty. She loved to run along on the rolling sidewalks that soured 50 metres up in the air above the city. It is practical for both pedestrians and for traffic. Well, now cars don't exist anymore, they were too noisy and dangerous to the environment, but there aren't many people in Otite who can afford flying vehicles so they prefer the effective land speeders. The buildings are shining and nice to the eye. Most of them have over 100 floors, only schools and other public buildings looked a bit different because they floated over ground level so that they wouldn't take up any space and so that they could be easily reached by anyone in the city. There is a whole network of rolling sidewalks connecting the city and Twai was 10 years before she knew her way to school.

She stopped. Her big hair fell back in place and she were breathing heavily. To her big surprise she discovered that they were cleaning and repairing the rolling sidewalk up ahead, and it was the one she were supposed to use. Which way should she use now? She had three possibilities, but she didn't really know where any of them ended up. She had always used sidewalk 2-B, she didn't know any other way.

"Ah… No, I can't take it anymore…" She sat down and took of her high-heeled shoes. She really didn't understand how she was able to run in them without braking her ankles, but somehow she managed. Her striped socks matched her striped tights perfectly. She wore a green bubbly skirt with "Hello Kitty" faces on, a purple baggy see-through sweater and a black tube-top. She had arranged her big curly blue hair in a ponytail, but discovered that one of the ribbons holding it up had fallen out, so she took out the last one too. Her wide pink eyes searched desperately around but weren't quite sure what they were looking for. Why did these kinds of things always happen to her? And why just today when she finally had the chance to show the people she hated who she really was and what she stood for in the big talent competition. All her classmates thought of her as a big loser and even her robo-teacher treated her different.

"Zzzzt… Hey… Twai can you hear me? … Zzzzt…" Twai jumped in surprise. She quickly took out her cell phone. It was shaped like a small ball, white and pink with pictures of peach flowers on it. It opened in the middle and became two half circles, on one half circle there was a screen, and on the other there were a keyboard with letters and numbers. A face appeared on the screen. It was Jarle, her best friend in the whole world. His black short hair was unkempt and looked really wild. His light turquoise eyes looked worried.

"Where are you? The others are waiting. It's going to start in 30 minutes, please don't tell me you're chickening out. Come on. I thought this was something you wanted to do." His voice was firm and clear. He really cares about me thought Twai.

"Wait a minute… 30 minutes? Oh great! Now my watch has stopped too! I'm on my way Jarle, but they are cleaning and repairing 2-B. I don't know where I'm supposed to go."

"Okay, go to the nearest astro-elevator and take the underground road instead. Not as fast maybe, but you are a good runner… Oops... They need me here. Good luck! Hope you get here in time." Jarle's face blinked one time and disappeared from the screen. Now all she had to do was to find an astro-elevator. She put the cell phone in her pocket, picked up her shoes and ran back the same way that she had come from. She walked over to the astro elevator's control panel. It was fast and came immediately. She entered the elevator and told it to go down to the underground system under the city.

She watched the city. It was sunset, the sun mirrored itself in the tall buildings. The city expanded as far as the eye could see. Now she had reached ground level. A couple of land speeders raced pass her. Twai couldn't wait until the day she got to drive one. Now she disappeared underground. It became dark, warm and disgusting. The underground was sparsely lighted. Twai had no intention to stay here, so she ran all she could while following the signs placed on the muddy walls. The ground was wet and her white striped tights got big ugly brown spots all up the back of her legs and thighs. Finally the words Otite Culture-house appeared on one of the signs. Twai made a quick turn took the astro-elevator to the top and finally she was inside the culture-house. She was sweaty, tired and dirty. Her hair looked greasy and horrible. The first thing that met her inside the house was a big clock. What! According to this clock she had used a whole hour on her trip underground! But… That meant that the competition had started… Maybe it was finished…

"So... The "princess" arrived… hehehe… Just too bad that you didn't make it… Your friend Jarle won the competition" Meilin, an extremely annoying and "think she's all that" girl from Twai's class talked to her and laughed at her. Twai became paralysed… She couldn't move. Now this was going to haunt her forever.

"Give him a last round of applause. Jarle! The winner of Otite's talent competition year 2050." Twai's head was bubbling with emotions. It felt like she was going to explode.

"Stop!" She started screaming.

"Let me show you my talent!" Everybody just stared blankly at her.

"Oh I wish that time could just stop!" As she said these words, everything around her stopped. Everything and everybody except Twai appeared to be frozen solid.

"Hehe… I showed them. I guess I'm the only person in the world who can get my own wishes fulfilled by just thinking it…" Glad to finally have used her hidden talent, she walked slowly out of the building. Why she hadn't used them earlier that day.. Well she didn't know, but all in all it had been a beautiful day in Otite.

Twai stood and enjoyed the view of the city. The sun had stopped just above the horizon, and Twai could keep it that way forever… If she wanted to…