I know you are with me.
I can feel you in my heart.
allthough your voice can't reach my shore,
I still hear you when we are apart.

You shouldn't go away.
I'll have to tie you down,
but you want to change the world,
and get lost in a distant town.

I'll forever be the blushing princess
waiting in her tower for the prince.
Are you really happy to see me
when you face me after peril?
You are a changed man.
How can I know it's me that you love?
When you've never been here at all.

My theory is that we are all actors.
All crazed lunatics on a marble of night.
We all play a game and put our piece to play.
No wonder we get confused
and end up in dismay.

If you travel to the edge of the world
take me with you.
I can't bare to see my game piece wander off

Always with you, my one, my love.
Together we'll experience the nightshade wonder.