The Three Junior Pigs

There was once a time

When animals could think

And even speak

A sow had bore triplets

When this story takes place

These three pigs

Had just left their old mother's side

The first juvenile hog

Was a dumb young one

And so, he made a house out of straw

The second young piggy

Could think a bit better,

He made his house out of sticks

The third junior swine

Was the largest of the pigs,

And he made his house of bricks

In this land where cats could comprehend

And swine could speak,

There was a heinous old wolf

This evil mammoth of a wolf

Grew hungry one day

Hungry, for a paunchy pig

This wicked wolf

Happened to know of the three junior pigs

And so he went calling upon the first hog

The wolf calls to the hog,

"Please let me in little one"

but the pig made no reply

And so the wolf said

"Then I'll have to huff and puff, and blow your house in!"

but, the hog made no reply

So, the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house in

Sadly for the wolf though

The hog had already escaped

The wolf who was built like a tank

then proceeded to the second piggy's house

And called in

"Let me in! Or I'll huff and puff and blow your house down!"

but this young piggy

didn't want to be eaten by the wolf

and so he replied

"Not by the hair on my chinny-chin chin, I will NOT let you in!"

This enraged the wolf, so he sucked air into his lungs and,

He huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down

But, once again, the piggy had escaped

The wolf stormed to the third house and yelled,


This junior swine with his brothers beside him called back,

"Not for all the tea in China, I will not let you in!"

The wolf huffed and puffed furiously,

But the house didn't blow in,

So he tried harder, and harder,

but that house of bricks just stayed standing

This wolf was not as stupid as he seemed,

So he grabbed some wood and tinder form the nearby forest

And he tossed them down the chimney,

followed by multiple lit matches

The tinder caught, and soon enough the house was blazing

The wolf called in the fire department

And told that he saw a robin

drop a bucket of oil down the already smoking chimney

After that he claimed the house lit up, and he called in that fire brigade

After the fire was gone, and the department were gone,

The wolf snuck into the charred house

And had barbequed pig for dinner