I love the choker you gave me.
(when am i going to regain freedom)
The domination and control it gives
(constrictions oh constrictions)
Really does the trick, so thanks.
(off the pressure the constraint off please)
Attach the leash
(just like a puppy dog)
And lead me around -
(a bad bitch puppy)
I will duly follow orders
(a slave a servant an orderly a nobody)
And cater to your needs.
And when you feel like you might need
(a friend please oh please let me be a friend)
Someone to take out your
Animosity on, feel free.
(it's not like you think i have feelings anyway)
The harder you hit me, the more I like it,
(i'd like it more if you beat me to death)
So please feel free, anytime.
(to kill me)