Notes: Really twisted in this part. Thanks to Megan for the review ^_^ The next part will be the start of the actual story. Yah know with a plot and stuff. I promise.
Backboard Dodgeball Part 2

Tuesday next week...

A group of people in black coats and gloves were picking through the wreckage. The school had put off paying for it, and the whole thing was really starting to smell.
"Ewwww!" Christian exclaimed as he picked up Brittany's severed foot, still inside her blue and yellow Adidas running shoes.
"Yeah," Marty said, picking up Heather's head and carelessly tossing it into the large and rapidly growing pile of body parts behind them.
"What are we gonna do with all this death?" Kora asked when they were done piling them up.
"Well, we've got a choice," Todd (the group leader) said. "We can either cremate them, or melt them in acid, and feed their bones to rabid dogs."
"Rabid dogs, rabid dogs!" the group shouted.
"I thought so. Okay, the truck is outside, and the vat of acid is waiting for us at the nuclear power plant," Todd said with a twisted smile.
"Yay!" they cheered. They loaded the body pates into the truck and started off towards the plant.
"Why can't we just bury them in the cemetery?" Steve asked on the way there.
"Because, this is more fun, and the cemetery places have been all filled up from the crash last month," Todd said irritably. It was too hot that day, and their 'cargo' really stunk.
"Oh yeah."
Then the talking ceased as the plant loomed into view.
"Hello, welcome to the Red Deer Nuclear Power Plant," an official looking person greeted them at the gate.
They were led to a large boiler room with a drum of bright orange bubbling liquid in the center of it.
"Ohhhhh," the group gasped.
"That's concentrated citric acid, very powerful stuff," the attendant informed them.
"Cool," Todd said. "Okay, take those bags and dump em."
They nodded and began working, squealing with delight as they watched each new body part be consumed by the bubbling acid.
"Oh, only one more," Kora said sadly as she grabbed the last bag. Sitting near the top were Brittany's feet, still in her shoes.
"Hey! Those are nice shoes!" Steve exclaimed, stopping Kora just as she was about to toss the bag over the edge.
"So?" Kora said, trying to chuck the bag again.
"So, I want em," Steve said, grabbing them out of the bag and pulling the bloody feet out of them.
"That's disgusting!" Kora said wrinkling up her nose and tossing the bag over the edge.
"I don't mind," he said pulling them on his feet. "They fit!"
"Yay. Goodie. Who cares? Let's go," Christian said, heading towards the exit.
"Ok...Hey! There's something in them!" He pulled one of the shoes off and shook it upside down. A small, bloody toe rolled out.
"Oh, I'm glad that's all it was. If it was a peice of wood, I could've gotten a splinter," he said as he put the shoe back on and left, ignoring the disgusted looks his comrades were giving him.
"Come on, let's go already!" Kora said as she pulled Christian out the door and into the sunlight.
Todd shook his head and followed them.