Notes: Thanks to Willum and Nuria for review. The last in the series. Kinda has Blink 182 at end, but only for a bit.
Cpl A Davis

Backboard Dodgeball Part 4

It was all planned.
The day started off like any other at Diamond Willow High School. The hallways were still badly lit, the classrooms were still cold, and the gym teacher was still dating that weasel from the cafeteria. None of the students thought this was going to be any different from the rest of the miserable days they spent at school.
But Danielle had other plans.

"OKAY!" Her shout grabbed the attention of the dawdling ghosts that had been her classmates.
"What?" Curtis asked, trying to scratch his head, but putting his hand right through his head instead.
"Do we all understand the plan?" she asked, glaring at each one of them.
"Umm...I guess," Melanie said. The others nodded.
"Good, we shall commence the plan at 09:00 hours," Danielle said in a drill sergeants voice.
"Um, one question," Ben said, putting up his hand.
"What?" Danielle snapped.
"What does commence mean?"
Everyone groaned.
"Okay, 1..2..3..GO!" Danielle shouted, flying down towards the school. The others followed her.
They glided through the door and quickly slipped into an empty classroom.
"Okay, according to my schedule, they should be coming to L.A. in...3 minutes! Is everyone ready?"
"Yes!" a chorus of whispers came as they prepared.

"Thomas, do I have a basketball game tonight?" Trent asked as they walked into their L.A. room.
"Nope," thomas answered, trying desperately to finish his homework before the teacher got there.
But fortunately (and unfortunately) he never got there.

"ATTACK!" Danielle shouted. Ben and Curtis went and barricaded the door with the large desk that stood across the room.
"What?!" several the students exclaimed, looking around frantically to see what was doing this.
"TROOPS! Show yourselves!" Danielle commanded.
The horde of ghosts concentrated hard (a little trick that they had taught themselves) and POOF!, suddenly they were visible.
Ahhhhh! Ghosts!" the class screamed in unison. They scrambled, pulling at the large desk in a vain attempt to move it.
"THERE IS NO ESCAPE!" Danielle thundered, insanity totally overtaking her now. She swooped down upon Trent.
"You know, your face irritates me," she declared, staring into his eyes. "It's too pink."
"W..what?" he stuttered, trying to get away, but she had backed him into a corner, and he was too stupid to realize he could go right through her.
Danielle smiled, slowly and cruelly.
Then, without warning, she started to tickle him.
W..w...h..a...t, a..r...r...e..yo..u!" he laughed out, holding onto his sides as she continued her relentless attack.
His face got darker and shades. First pink, then red, then purple.
Suddenly, he exploded, showering the class with little bits of purple and blood.
The class screamed as Danielle laughed crazily.
The rest of the ghosts took one look at Danielle and started to laugh insanely with her. It seemed that insanity was catching.
They flew down upon the terrified class, shouting and cheering as they destroyed people.
Jessica grabbed Tegan and stuck her annoyingly perfect nose into the pencil sharpener, grinning as Tegan screamed for help. Then she grabbed her hand, made a large hole in the computer (heaven forbid) at the back of the room, and stuck Tegan's hand inside. Tegan yelped as 1000 watts of electricity was pumped through her body. After 3 min, she finally fell back from it, burnt to a crisp.
"That was for telling me to shut up in Math class!" Jessica declared triumphantly.

Meanwhile, Ben was hovering over Jessica F. and grinning.
He was holding the large jar of experiment bugs they always kept in the corner for Science class. Jessica was screaming.
"What, don't you like them?" he asked, his voice thick with syrupy sweetness.
"NO!" Jessica shrieked, causing several students and ghosts to hold their ears amidst the carnage.
"Oh yeah, guess I forgot," he said, pouring them on her.
She screamed as the flesh eating ones started to gnaw away at her flesh, moving with the quick ferocity of piranhas.
After they had finished, Ben quickly rolled a desk over them before they could escape to other classrooms.

And while that was happening...

Danielle and Melanie were zooming around the classroom, trying to find others that might be hiding. They spotted two pairs of spiked heads cowering under the teachers desk.
They looked at each other and smiled. Eric and Mike had always been such assholes. It was time for a little payback.
They pulled them up by their ears, listening to them yell as the did so.
They each grabbed one (Danielle: Eric, Melanie: Mike) and flew to opposite corners of the room. Danielle then nodded and they sped towards each other. holding the boys' spike ridden heads out in front of them like a spear. Then, a split second before they collided, they let go, causing Eric and Mike to smash into each other, their spikes going right into the others skull.
"Yeah!" Melanie and Danielle said as they high-fived each other on their success.

"Well, that's everyone," Danielle said smugly, trying to clichely (a real word? I don't know) dust her hands of, even though she had no hands to dust.
"Wait, where's Thomas?" Heather asked, looking around the room.
Danielle gasped. Heather was right. Thomas was not one of the mangled bodies on the floor.
Her face darkened to a black. "LET'S FIND HIM!" she roared soaring out of the room as the rest were nodding and going off in different directions to find him.

Danielle furiously searched the school grounds, muttering angrily to herself as she searched. Then, she saw him.
A fresh bout of frustrated insanity exploded in her mind. She would make him pay for trying to ruin her perfect plan.

Thomas climbed over the school wire fence and ran two blocks, until he was out of breath. He collapsed on the pavement.
"I made it," he whispered, then realizing that he had really gotten away. "I MADE IT!" he shouted, doing a little dance to show his happiness.
Suddenly, dark billowy clouds moved in overhead.
"Oh great," he muttered, as he picked himself up and started off towards home. "Now I gotta walk in the rain."
A thunderbolt flashed overhead. Thomas didn't even noticed, he was to caught up in trying to find the quickest route home.
More thunder crackled overhead. Thomas still didn't notice.
Finally, a bolt of lightning hit the ground right in front of him.
"Ahhhhh!" he screamed, jumping away from the now blackened spot of pavement. He looked up.
A bolt of lightning hit him and knocked him off his feet. He could feel the burning of electricity coursing through his body, pain so unbearable that he thought he would die.
Then, it was over.
He stood up and looked around. The dark clouds were retreating and the sky was becoming a clear sweet blue again.
"Hah!" he yelled in the direction of the school. "Is that the best you can do?" He started walking again.
Suddenly, he felt something bang into his leg.
It was a tricycle. A small, red one, that looked as though it might belong to a two year old.
He bent down and tried to move it away from his leg.
Nothing happened. It just stuck there like it was attached to his leg.
He pulled harder.
Still nothing.
He looked up as he heard a very peculiar sound. It sounded like a million objects were zooming through the air, heading straight for him.
And they were.
All sorts of metal object stuck themselves onto him. From bicycles to belt buckles to Discmans to rings. Everything was coming towards him and just attaching itself to him.
Thomas pulled at the objects in a vain and idiotic frenzy.
Then, realization hit him.
The lightning must have made him magnetic!
That was his last though before he was crushed by a flying Mac truck.

"You shoulda seen the look on his face!" Danielle laughed with the other ghosts after all was done.
"It musta been hilarious!" Jessica managed to choke out, she was laughing so hard.
Danielle nodded and after a while, they had all calmed down.
"So, what do we do now?" Carly asked. Everyone looked expectantly at Danielle.
"Umm..well...we could..." she stuttered, trying to think of something.
"I KNOW!" a voice broke into their conversation.
"Ack!" screamed Danielle.
"Who is it?" Jessica asked the open air.
"It is I," a large, cheesy sausage appeared out of thin air, "the Cheese Sausage of Life!"
"Who the hell are you!" Heather yelled at her.
"I just told you," the Cheese replied irritably.
"Well, what are you here for?" Danielle asked, speaking everyone's thoughts.
"I'm here to give you a second chance," the Cheese said.
"For what?" Danielle asked, puzzled.
"Look kid," the Cheese snapped, "enough with all the magical stuff if you're to dense to figure it out! I have to bring all of you back to life for my final exam. If I bring you back, and give you one wish, I pass. Got it?"
"I think so," Danielle replied nervously.
"Okay," the Cheese said, regaining her misty, faraway voice. "ORANGE JELLO, CHEESE AND MELLOW YELLOW!"
All of a sudden, the kids were back in their bodies. They were alive again!
"Yeah!" Jessica cheered.
"Woo hoo!" Danielle cried, trying to fly, then remembering as she hit the ground that she couldn't anymore.
"Okay, okay," the Cheese said, trying to calm everyone down. "Now, for the wish!"
Everyone huddled together and discussed it, not noticing that Danielle was whispering something in the Cheese', I guess.
They were standing outside a door marked BLINK 182.
"What happened?!" Melanie yelled, looking around at everyone. "I thought we agreed we were gonna wish all the people we killed back!"
Everyone turned to Danielle.
"What did you do?" Jessica asked.
"Well, I wished that all of us would get to see Blink 182 in concert, have backstage passes, and..."
"WHAT!" her friends screamed at her.
They were preparing to choke her when the door suddenly opened.
Out stepped Mark, Travis and Tom. Otherwise known as Blink 182!
"Hey," Mark said. "You guys were the ones that won those backstage passes, right?"
Danielle was too awed. All she could do was nod, and hoped she didn't seem like to much of a noodle-head.
"Cool," Travis said. "We'll see you after the show."
"Yeh," Tom said.
"Woah," Jessica said.
"I know," Danielle said.
"Well, that was pretty cool. But what else did you wish for?" Heather asked.
"Umm..." Danielle said, starting to blush.
The class of once-ghosts started to walk out to their seats, which were right on the stage, waiting for Danielle to tell them her wish.
"Wait!" they heard Tom's voice come out of the room they had just exited.
"What?" Ben asked.
Tom ran over and kissed Danielle.
"Wish me luck babe," he said to her.
The rest of the kids stood staring.
"Good luck Tom!" Danielle shouted after he had run back out to the band's instrument room.
She turned back to the group of gaping kids.
"Ummm...that's what I wished for," she said.

THE END! ^_^