This was fun to write, and my friends loved it, though I do not know if you will. If you do, please stay with me, there's more. If not, constructive criticism is welcome, but please, remembers that I am not a pro, nor never will be. I write solely for entertainment, and for myself and to let you into my world of imagination. So enjoy, but flamers be warned. I do not like you, and I will not tolerate you. Go away if you don't like my stories. *clears throat* On with the story.

Chapter One

The Elf walked through the crowded human city of Treshen, making her ways towards the black tower that loomed above the city. Elenari had no patience for the vendors that assaulted her at every corner, so she ignored their shouts. Those who tried to stop her and sell her things were greeted with such a cold look that they quickly moved on. Anger vibrated from the she-elf, and reflected in her deep green eyes, eyes that were now fixed on the tower. Humans glanced at her when she strode up to the gates and banged on them.

"Monya let me in!" she yelled. When she garnered no response, the elf growled a curse.

"Do you want me to blast my way in for I will do so Monya!" The gates suddenly swung open, and Elenari stalked down the path. The gates clanged shut again, and the gathered crowd shot puzzled looks at each other. Whatever Monya had done, it must have been bad enough to have an angry elf storm in. The city of Treshen and its inhabitants had been a peaceful one until the arrival of Monya, a supposed wealthy pirate, three years ago. Now it was a common site to see angry mortals and immortals alike come to the city and to the black gates. Very few were actually admitted, and the people of Treshen wondered why the angry she-elf had been admitted, but they knew they would never find out the answer.

Elenari quickly walked up the many steps of the high tower. She ignored the protests of servants and glared at any who tried to steer her away from Monya's living quarters. She and Monya were old friends, and she turned on one of the unlucky servants.

"For your safety, I will see Monya now," she said in tones of granite, and the terrified servant gave way. Elenari continued her climb and at last reached her destination. She knew Monya's doors would be locked, so she pounded on the door.

"Patience! I am coming!" came the irritated reply. "Take your time dear Monya. I am in no hurry," replied Elenari in a falsely sweet voice. The doors were thrown open, and there Monya stood. A human, he stood an impressive six feet, two inches tall, had short blond hair with dark brown eyes, a muscular build, and a charming smile. Elenari, an immortal elf, stood two inches taller, had long red hair, deep green eyes, and a slender yet muscular frame, and she too wore a smile, but one that was far from charming, it was downright dangerous.

"Elanari! What a pleasure! Do come in!" he exclaimed, pushing her in and shutting the doors. "I have not the patience for your games today Monya. Where is he?" Elenari growled. Monya shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"Where is who?" he asked innocently. It was the wrong question. Elenari shoved Monya against his wall and he found himself staring at the tip of a very sharp dagger.

"I warned you Monya, I am not in the mood. Where is the fool who stole my sword!?" she hissed, letting Monya go. He rubbed his throat reproachfully.

"Why didn't you ask me that in the first place?" he replied, but the answering glare from Elenari made him sigh in defeat.

"Very well. He is making his way towards Diablien. He carries not only your sword, but a dragon egg as well. I assume you are after both?" he asked slyly. Monya was not a pirate; he was a very powerful mage, one from another world that he had fled from. He knew also that Elenari was extremely powerful, possibly more powerful than the Mages from the Old World. The only thing was; Monya knew she was powerful; Elenari did not.

Elenari rolled her eyes at him. "Do not be a fool. What would I do with a dragon egg? Nay, it is my sword I want, and only my sword. But I must ask you for some supplies before I start on my way. Only food," she said, when Monya started.

"I will pay you for it if I must, but I need food. Diablien is at least a month's walk," she said, and Monya nodded.

"Of course. Tell the servants they are to give you as much as you need," he said, and Elenari bowed to him. "My thanks Monya. I would stay longer, but I must go. I have a sword to retrieve." Elanari was about to leave when Monya stopped her.

"Take this. It has no use here; it was just gathering dust. You will have more use for it than I ever will." He pressed a small box into her hand, and then bowed to her.

"Be careful my friend. I know this sword is very important to you, but make sure you take care," he said, and Elenari smiled.

"I will Monya. Do not worry about me. I shall be fine." With that, she left Monya's room, the doors shutting behind her. She found the kitchen, and the servants scurried around, packing enough food to feed an army.

"Enough!" Elenari said with a laugh and the servants all grinned. "Thank you so much for the food. It will get me to Diablien and back. Many thanks," she said, bowing to them. The servants, flushing with pride, bowed back.

Elenair left the castle, and decided that she did indeed need to purchase some things for her journey. Her bargaining skills paid off quite well this time. She bought a new cloak, which was a dark forest green and had multiple pockets on the inside which, Elenari decided, would come in quite handy. On an impulse, she also bought two thick woolen blankets. Why she did not know, but she stuffed them into her bag. They would come in quite useful during the winter. She had splurged on a good pair of knee high doeskin boots from an Elven merchant, and elbow- length leather gloves that she was able to argue down to half price. New tunics and leggings, and a pair of handcrafted soup bowls for meals and she was happy. She left the city of Treshen behind, and had covered a good ten miles before the contents of the box Monya had given her began to plague her mind. The box was quite small, and when she opened it she let out a small gasp. There, nestled in velvet, was a beautiful solid silver ring, and set in the middle was an exquisite ruby. "Monya my friend, what did you give me?" she whispered, looking back towards the tower. She smiled to herself and slipped the ring on her right hand, and eerily, it was a perfect fit. She would find out later just what exactly Monya the Mage had given her.