You guys didn't think I'd leave it there did you? *evil grin* Naw, I was just toying around and decided to end it this way. But who knows, perhaps there will be a spin-off from this? What do you think? Let me know!


Elenari watched Aiden sleep and a soft smile curved her lips. A thousand years had passed since she had started out to find her mother's sword, and a part of herself, though to her it seemed like yesterday. She was married to the love of her life, her father was traveling, and Basan was still beside her, still as mischievous as ever. She marveled at the changes that one month had brought into her life. She and Aiden lived in Treshen, though they still traveled a lot. Monya, being an immortal mage, was still stirring up trouble and sending her to fix things for him. She had been training to master her gifts, and even Aiden took an interest and found that he had some magic abilities, and showed them off whenever he could. Aiden's father had never really accepted her, but Aiden's older brothers absolutely adored her. As she lay there, Elenari sensed that another change was coming. She leaned over and gently kissed Aiden. He woke up and wrapped his arms around her, closing his eyes again.

"Aiden, love?" She hated to wake him, but she had to tell him.

"Mhm?" he mumbled, a bit sleepily.

"I believe that we should stay in Treshen for the winter," she said softly, and Aiden woke up, looking at her; Elenari usually loved traveling in the winter.

"Why is that?" he asked with a worried frown, and his eyes widened as Elenari slid his hands down to her belly.

"We will be having company."