A vile creature with no unique soul
She breathes common, contagious air
And depends on teenage virgins
Who dream of her fairytales at night
Well I hope she dies a tragic death
No survivors!
Crush her pouting red lips and curvy figure
Let her no more tempt the boring and desperate
Who cling to her bosom
Who stare amazed at her "wonders"
RPG's-Final Fantasy
Can burn in Hell fire and never return
Or be flushed down the toilet like the crap they are
OH! But a cry from the nerds and cartoonists
(Who copy her in the same boring scenes
And parade her in Prada boots and skimpy skirts
While those like me cringe at the basic animation-not even art)
Would be too loud and annoying
So go ahead and doll her up to go to town
Like a whore hustling for a buck
That'll pay for those cheap cliché love/drama cartoons
That always seem to have her cast