Disclaimer: I own everything IN THIS CHAPTER except Guy Fawkes Day.


It was 10 o' clock at night in London. A guy, named Guy, was sneaking around in the basement of one of the houses of Parliament. Of course, he didn't know that some British police people were, too. Thus he got caught attempting to blow up the houses of Parliament, whatever they are. Ever since, British people with funny accents and weird hats have celebrated Guy Fawkes Day. "Whoa," said a strange green-haired girl, waking up from her dream. "That was freaky deaky mucho. Since when do people dream about holidays that most people in America haven't even heard of?" "So I had a little imagination. So what!" said a booming voice in the sky that was the author who rules everything in this story, so deal with it! "OK, then." The girl sat up in bed and hit her head on her lamp with consequently lit up, because it was one of those cool lamps that you can light up just by touching them. "I've got an idea! I'll get the Sisterhood together, and we'll create some sort of parody thing where, instead of finding the true meaning of Christmas like all those dumb movies, we'll find the true meaning of Guy Fawkes day." She got up, went to her computer and e-mailed her friends about her crazy idea, telling them to meet her at Headquarters the following morning.