a/n : this is based off a random impression i had on a hike combined with a sort of delusional idea that mysteriously appeared in my mind while tired. arg.

a sense of resonance in my mind
signifying anything from nothing to everything
something seizes my heart in an indrawn breath.
the mind and the heart bound together
above them science and feeling
spur upwards, linked irrevocably in this place.
the forest looks like it will speed up and vanish
into infinity in the spin of the dice, a roll of this film
while the sun burns sharp and blinking through the
speeding timeless afternoon.
in the back of my eyes I am refracting
into a thousand pieces of ideal democracy.
from this forest I can leave into a thousand worlds
and for the moment I reach and touch them all
sifting through their nooks and secrets
with disembodied mind-fingers gently reaching out,
brushing each other with whisper thin thoughts.
a thousand hands in a thousand worlds steady me against a rough trunk
and the slanting beams of a million suns
blind me with their amber caresses between the dark and branchless
columns of green life above the soft forest carpet
sealed away behind low stone walls and misty mornings.
the choices are given humanity an eternity over from this point
and somewhere, someday, we will balance the cruelty with kindness
destruction with creation / life with death
industry and beauty / break the rungs of Caesar's ladder.
mathematics hint and instinct confirms it
and when restitution has been made in the distance
these forests, meta-places, will be the link
in which exist consciousness with all of creation.