In the quiet depths of the night,
I see the darkness in its plight,
Nurturing its shadows deep inside,
As I search for a safer place to hide,
I hear the voices inside my head,
Telling me to run away instead,
But I know I can't leave it all behind,
As long as I have my peace of mind,
I'll keep your faith inside my heart,
And although I fear we are apart,
I feel I still have you with me,
Here by my side so that they can see,
I am not alone in my belief,
That someday, somehow, the freedom shall live.

In the morning's light of the day,
I feel the dimness fly away,
There is too much suffering here,
Is it wrong to interfere?
I cannot step back and leave it alone,
Leave the world to die on its own,
They kill for pleasure, the joy of the hunt,
Is nothing to them but a sport for fun,
My darkness is here, holding me tight,
But I'll break away somehow to the light,
A day, sometime, will come for peace,
And matter the most shall matter least,
For I do not forsake the tired lands,
I dream to remember, and to understand.

As they walk by in their parade,
I stop to imagine what lies ahead,
Is there any glory left to discover?
Or might they someday stop to recover,
What good they have left is now lost,
Their sympathy is frozen with the frost,
Nothing can melt the ice that is cold,
We cannot stop the story to unfold,
The lies are done; the truth has died,
But in my memory it shall always lie,
Away from their blazing fire and fear,
To a place that to me will always be dear,
Peace comes too late to save us all,
One by one they shall surely fall.

But when hope is thin, our faith pulls through,
All that is believed in will then come true,
The armies shall rise, but not to fight,
The darkness shall fade into the night,
I take a while to stop and to stare,
But I know in myself that you are not there,
It is but a shadow that I seek,
Perhaps it will come when light is weak,
And all that is evil will come to pass,
The brightness of new days shall be cast,
I can perceive in other things,
Other than the hardship life can bring,
I'm still waiting, waiting for you,
And for all that is believed in to come true.

I'll be waiting there,
By the ruins of despair,
Waiting forever for
The life that is so much more
Than just a reminder
Of everlasting fear.

I'll be waiting for you,
To help me make it through,
I can wait for all days,
Throwing my tired life astray,
But for you I will dare say,
That nothing can make me fade away.