Dawn Never Came

You search deep within your soul.

And fight to rise from this hole.

This pit of shame and despair.

To remain here you cannot bear.

When your eyes hit a breathtaking light

that shines through this cryptic night,

a glimpse reflects survival of some kind,

then kindles through your wearisome mind.

But the image is of mocking tones,

and jeers at your regrettable moans.

You try to regain relinquished pride,

but slink back in the shadow to hide.

You know you were just looking above

at those people so enveloped in love.

How you wish, how you long, how you desire…

to be part of that everlasting fire.

You imagine its radiant flames

giving warmth to your icicle veins.

You can almost feel its hold,

then wake to your blood running cold.

The burden that suppresses your hope

cuts short the rescuing rope.

So now, you sit and you wait…

eyes filled with sorrow and hate.

And envision what your life could have been,

while grief blurs the image within.

The pieces of the puzzle rip apart.

Behind them lie depths of your heart.

You reach for the light dawn does make.

Yet fall into darkness…

…your life you take.