"A moment of his love"

She found herself drifting from reality once again,
For some empyrean reason she didn't want her heart to mend.

She'd rather waste away buried inside her own feelings for the one whom
can't give her what she seeks.
Her stubborn being can reach grotesque peeks.

She tossed the elements of logic out a shattered window and beamed,
This child of corrupted love isn't at all what she seemed.

He stands alone confessing his regret and confusing hardships,
Yet she strays to kiss the tenderness of his lips.

He holds her as though the universe will dismount,
She'll never forget of such an account.

He touches her heated face smiling upon her radiant glow,
Basking in every foolish spell; she loved and fell with the unexpected

She granted her last breath of fear and gleamed into deep cinnamon eyes,
Her place was with him drawn by emotions and future vapid lies.

She set herself free in mere seconds of convoy lost,
Like a numbing inescapable abyss in frost.

She quaked in his arms for he isn't hers to gain,
Clasping her forfeited heart causing her extended remorse pain.

He felt stirred guilt yelping in his tormented core,
But such reactions didn't stop him from needing her more.

He held her closer and simply lived in the moment with her...

-Celtic Moon-