Rai Kamishiro

Click. Click. Click.

Three rapid small noises to herald the end of the round.

I stare at the blood soaked gun with irritation, then place it back in to my clothes instead of reloading it. No matter. I probably don't have anymore rounds anyways.

A plume of white smoke drifted slowly upwards, a strand of white in a sea of red. I study it with interest.

I'm pleasantly covered with blood, and it seems that I will be happily so for the next few hours.

The shriek of violins are in my ears.

A small voice sings to me.

It doesn't matter either.

An almost blinding light assaults my eyes. I wonder what this violin would sound like, high pitched and sweet, or razor sharply keen?

Only one way to find out.

I open my eyes.

A worried little face stares out at me, it only takes a moment to recognize the long lashes framing azure eyes, childish lips mouthing something I didn't quite catch.


A small hand reaches out to, ignorant -or perhaps just unwary- of the fact that it could be bitten off at any time. It trembles, as if not quite believing that I am there, that the white haired visage is only a dream.

Thunder rumbles in the distance, along with the beginning of the storm. A few wet drops fall from heaven.

He clasps my hand in both his small ones, bringing it to his face.


"I thought-" his body is heaving with sobs. I wonder how he managed to stay alive till now. In the flashes of light, his cape seems blood red.

I stifle the urge to laugh.

Little Red Riding Hood beware; I'm a wolf too.

Maybe not.

More of a rabbit if you wanted to be technical.

I almost miss his words.

"I thought you were gone." He creeps closer, shivering. I don't think it's entirely from the cold, or the storm. "I saw that you left me."

The rain is harder now, his hair plasters against his pale face. Lightning strikes near us, a large crack announcing the crash of a tree.

Instinctively I grab him and roll over. The boy really is like Little Red Riding Hood. So small, fragile.

Easy prey.

I wonder how he will scream.

He clings to me long after the tree stops smoldering, his heat warming me.

I stare at him, then notice the others.

Or, the lack of them.

I do chuckle this time.

Time's up.

I look at him. He still shivers, but he attempts to speak.

"They- they had to rest. Fighting Tokiwa took a lot out of them." He looks at me with forced calm.

I think he's starting to open.

Beware of the wolf, little one.

"What she said. she was right. I am too pathetic. I've been depending on the others too much." He doesn't notice that he's still in my arms. I lean against a tree, cradling him.

This could be interesting.

"I have to become strong Irres. I don't want to be protected all the time. I want to be able to defend the ones I love, when I need to."

He looks at me with large, trusting warm eyes.

"Do you think I'm being silly?"

I laugh. The sound is strange in my throat, but not all that unpleasant. "Do you care what I think?"

His eyes turn wide with surprise. "Why shouldn't I?"

"I am the literal epitome of Irrationality."

He hooks his arms around my back, above my shoulder blades, and pulls me closer. As if having me physically closer would warm my heart. Was it really that cold of a statement?

"Is that how you think of yourself, Irres?"

Beware of the wolf.

I laugh again; he looks strangely at me.

"How else am I supposed to think?"

Azure blue eyes still stare in that soulful way of his. I let another small chuckle escape before answering him. It's actually very lucid.

"They see me as a lunatic; it is useful for them to think of me as that. Perhaps Eli is the only one who suspects."

I cock my head to the side, brow furrowed slightly in thought "But then again, he always was strange."

I look down at him. "But you know, don't you?"

Dee nods slowly.


"Because." A cold smile slides over my features, a natural reflex that I've built up over the years.

I switch the subject abruptly.

"Don't be in such a hurry to become one of the strong and heartless." my pleasant, vacant, and slightly dangerous smirk is in its usual place.

"You have time." I pat the child the head and push him toward the campfire, where he's safe from the wild ones, at least.

Part of my brain demands that I play this violin, till the high, sweet voice screams its chords, part of me clamors for me plant a bullet between the wide, innocent blue eyes of this young one, but.

I think the wolf will see to it that this fairy tale is played out.

Well maybe not a wolf.

No, not something innocuous as that.

Just a simple bunny rabbit.