With my Eyes

With my eyes,
I watch you as you fall sleep,
Thinking about the secrets you keep,
As you try to forgive and to forget,
Holding back every single regret,
The darkness can come out to play,
But nothing can make me go away,
I'll stay right here where I can see,
Someone else who is just like me,
It makes me feel a little less alone,
And believe in things I should have known,
Above the fire of the nights' moon,
Things will come and go too soon,
It's just a facade of times that pass,
And one day it will be real at last.

With my eyes,
I watch the world as it wakes,
Moving at every step it takes,
The morning sun can laugh at me today,
The lies can burn my truth away,
But when I see you smile again,
It seems to take away all my pain,
I wish I could be there with you,
To do the things you loved to do,
Although I can't, I'm not afraid,
The gentleness of you can never fade,
You are always there inside my heart,
And we can never be apart,
Cover you hands with these hands,
Hold them tight to survive all ends.

With my eyes,
I watch the soothing light of day,
Through the curtains of blue and grey,
The mists are there like a shadowy mask,
Hiding me from my impossible task,
You can shut everything out but it will return,
Like the tenderness that you always yearn,
The trees can sway beneath the breeze,
This haunted love can bow on its knees,
But nothing can change what I feel,
With you all my bloody wounds shall heal,
And maybe soon it will be okay,
For me to get up and walk away,
I'll leave you here with every chance,
Still watching you with every glance.

With my eyes,
I watch the sky turn from blue to red,
The sunset's colours are on your head,
When you cry do you feel my touch?
It is true that I miss you all too much,
I wish that things could have changed somehow,
That you can stand here with me now,
All of us have to move on,
Yet I fear that I never can belong,
In a place that's not meant for me,
Your sweet joy is all I can see,
The darkened clouds cover the sky,
Hiding you from my farseeing eye,
Although forever is a long time too,
I think I could spend it all with you.

I won't come back, that much is true,
But nothing will make me forget you,
You'll look to the brighter side one day,
And wishing in your heart you'll say,
That with my eyes I saw all there was,
And now I'm gone, but I'm not lost.

With my eyes,
Look to the skies,
Don't shut them now,
Don't ask me how,
Or why,
I can still see
With my eyes.