Most High School guys kinda suck. At least at my school. This is just a
generic poem, no one I know personally. I guess you would call this free-
verse. Is that the right term? Anyway- here ya go!

There was this guy
O Lord was there this guy
This guy who was
Stand in a wintry scene with him
and it would become a tropical island
and he would be the god of that island
I would have given myself up for him
Would have died for him
Heck, I would have given up CHOCOLATE
for him
His personality
Shall we say
In fact
It sucked
Like a pack of rabid dogs after a single bone
His ego thirsted for more ways to enlarge itself
Like the endless whine of a mosquito
his mouth ran on and on, talking about him
and him alone
Like a boa constrictor holding it's prey
His lustful eyes latched onto
and wouldn't budge
until his "hunger" was satisfied
Finally I couldn't stand his
So now I can
enjoy my chocolates in peace
and look back
at how ugly a person
he really was