What are you doing?!
Why are you giving me this
This treasure
To hold onto?
My hands are calloused
Not used to delicate work.
They seemed so strong
Yet my arms falter
When holding something
This important.

Now you can't have mine!
It's locked up
In safe keeping:
Barbed wire and a
Layer of ice
(from the deepest level of hell)
Protect that which
I care nothing for

I'm not living?
That's true:
I'm existing
But I can't
Get hurt
This way

I don't want to hurt you
I can't do that
To you.

Please, take it back
It bleeds a little
And my hands
Are stained
With your confessions of love
My own sound so dry
And shallow

What can I do?
I can't let it go
But you refuse
To take it back
This burden is too much
Especially for me
I'm out of practice
And my icicle fortress
Is cracking.
What will hold me up?
You say "Love" but I think
It too weak to save me

Please, please release me
This task is
Killing me.
I can't lighten the load:
I'm too scared
To give you my heart.