I've been a member on .net since I was eight. It's a great RPG site. You can be whomever you want; rich or poor, young or old, it doesn't matter. Best of all, you can change your identity whenever you want.

Over the years I've been quite a few different people. When I first joined, at age eight I was Teddy Bear. That was what Elizabeth, my older sister called me and I adored her. I thought she could do anything. When I turned ten we got a dog and I found out and rapidly became obsessed with being a veterinarian, so I became Life's Guardian.

I next changed my name at age thirteen, to Evanescent One. My aunt Jennifer and her two year old son, James moved in with us and with the confusion and the extra attention that James got, being the youngest, and new, I felt left out of the picture. At fifteen I entered high school, got my first real date, found out about genetics and new immediately that that was what I wanted to do with my life and my name became, New Dream.

For the next four years my life stayed pleasant and basically the same. Then in my second year of university I switched from the University of Victoria to the UCLA and having trouble adjusting to my new lifestyle I became Lost Child for three months before changing my name to Hope Renewed when I met Greg, my future husband, at a campus Christmas party.

Now, at twenty-nine I've been married for three years, a geneticist at the UCLA for four and I am four months pregnant with my first child. On my name, is Andrea, the one I was born with.