Title: A Whisper In The Night

Author: Namir Swiftpaw

Rating: PG-13 (excessive gore, violence, some foul language)

Notes: This was not, by any means, my idea to write. The characters contained within are not my own, nor are any of the major plots in this piece. I would have never done this without a brilliant idea and artistic inspiration from my friend Midori, who Kiara (Erica), Acirus, and any other character that is important to the story belongs to. The idea belongs to her, as well…but the writing belongs to me. Yes, I had permission from her to write this…so don't think I am stealing her idea, which I am not. I am just trying to immortalize her characters in the written word, as she has immortalized them in art. This is probably the only original piece of mine that will not suck and will get finished…so…savor it while it lasts, lol. And with that said…enjoy. If you would like to see the artwork that inspired the story, please visit . She would love it if you would comment on her pictures, as well as this story.


"I never knew how much you loved me

I'm missing you.

I never knew how much you meant to me

I need you"

~Sugar Ray - When It's Over

It's easy to forget about me.

Sure, the media was quite impressed with me, calling me the "terror of the woods", but they were but a pale representation of who I really was. When I am remembered, it's as a murderer...a thief. I don't want that to be the last memory anyone has of me. I don't want to be compared to the John Wayne Gacys and Son of Sams of the world. I want to be remembered as a petite, doe-eyed teenage girl - soft spoken, smart, and generally well liked. Not as what I became.

Not as a demon.

I implore you…listen to my story. Forget what you may have seen in the papers - forget what mindless garbage flickered across your television screens. They only know what they were told. They don't know of the time before everything - when all I was concerned with was what colleges I could be getting into, or what hair style suited me the best. I will tell you everything, now…for my own sake. I will not be ashamed of myself, or what I had become.

I will not shun my legacy.