AN: This is my place for all my short poems. I couldn't really put them all
separately since most of them are untitled.
Also, check out "She Is Never Lost" - that one's a much longer poem which
deserved a spot by itself.
Be warned, the first two are kind of crappy but in my opinion it gets
better after that..

The song fades into darkness
Lost, somehow.
How did it come to this?
And they tell me that I'm stupid
They tell me I'm worthless
They complain about how they're treated.
My song is silent.
And fading...

Blurry early-morning eyes,
Frayed around the edges.
Just get through the day;
I know it's not that bad.
Just so tired...
Hold it together
For one more day.
Perhaps I'll see you tomorrow...

"At the Dying of the Day"

At the dying of the day,
As the crimson fades away
I gaze in pensive silence
As the world begins to grey.

And I wonder what you're thinking
As the night begins its inking...
I know where my heart lies,
At the dying of the day.

The stars were bright, the night was cold
And on and on the path it rolled.
Under the moonlight, over the hills,
Then at last into the sea it spills.
But that's no end; for the starlight proves
A path across the water smooth.
So onwards, upwards, ever higher,
Until rejoined with Heavenly fire.
The path across the ocean's face
Leads by beauty to the place
Where white shores lie under glowing sky
And nothing there shall ever die.

"Love of the Goddess"

I am standing in the darkness
But a light shines around me.
I am alone
But she is with me.
I am sleeping
But she is in my dreams.
I am lost
But she has found me.
I am in shadow
But sunlight falls on my face.
I am standing in the rain,
And I can see the rainbow.

Inhaling rainbows
Long, slow, deep breaths
Filling me to the brim
I close my eyes in ecstasy
I can taste them on my tongue
Bittersweeet and beautiful
Flawed and yet perfect
The world crumbles
The rain falls
The stars shine
And I smile
Because I am home
And although I am lost
This is where I belong.

One by one,
As my gaze falls upon them,
The stars fall from the sky.
The darkness is complete.
I am alone.

Catching smoke with my outstretched fingertips;
Everything else just fades away.
Candle flickers,
Eyes gleam in the darkness.
You cannot take me.
I will not break.
I won't just be who you want me to be.
I don't care what you think any more.
Just give me my freedom.
But it is not yours to give,
For I have the key of Eternity held in my hand,
Caught there in the rising ashes,
Which you will never see.
But I can see, and I know.
And in the deepest silence,
The iron chains break.
I am real again.

He'll be dreaming of a stranger tonight,
Imagining her in his arms,
This faceless girl.
Where did she come from?
I'll be dreaming of him tonight,
And sometimes I wonder.
Am I too dreaming of a stranger?
Imagining I am in his arms,
The faceless girl.

Angel of purest light
Dripping in deepest darkness
Holding the artist's palette
And painting all colours in between
Weaving all threads through eternity.
Candle flame, roaring inferno
Raindrop, shifting ocean
Whispering wind, howling gale
Shimmering flower, ancient oak
All mixed and tumbled and jumbled together;
Paint dripping on the multi-coloured canvas.
The artist smiles as she creates.
Sunrise comes again.